When Dad Creates Netflix Profiles

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And He Was Never Heard From Again

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The Good Life

barney g rated how i met your mother Parenting FAILS - 6104572928
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If I Can't Have One, No One Can

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One Way to Answer the Question "Where Do Babies Come From?"

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Shivani's Dad has the Correct Diagnosis

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That Time Spent Looking For a Perfectly Shaped Pumpkin Was Worth It

kids halloween jack o lanterns parenting Sesame Street bert and ernie g rated - 7856609024
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A Baby Plays with Dad's Phone and Accidentally Snipes an Online Auction

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Everyone Reacts to Santa Differently

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You Don't Want to Know What it Smells Like

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Instead of Skipping Her Graduation Ceremony, This Mother Breast Fed Her Way into the Hearts of the Internet

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When Mom is Tired of Walking

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Chelsea Handler's PSA is For All The Women That Don't Want to Have Children and How Great it is

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Good News, Everyone!

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We Match!

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Snow Lego Man!

lego win snowman g rated Parenting FAILS - 6866973440
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