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Well Played, Dad

Text - jungwildeandfree; this is med is appearing: I stubbed my toe and naturally I screamed "mOTHERF his head out of the livingroom and said "you rang?" ER" and then my dad poked hats off for the ultimate dad joke
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Stories Written By Kids: Goth Boy

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Disney Princesses Imagined as Hot Dogs

funny memes disney princess hot dogs
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Are You Picking Us up from the Mall?

FAILS failbook parenting facebook mom - 8794989568
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pumpkins FAIL kids Video - 309767

Small Children Beware, Post-Halloween Pumpkin Purging is All They're Gourd For

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Wine Not Have Kids?

friends wine parenting - 8800096000
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There's Room on the Couch For Everyone

stuffed animal kids couch parenting dad g rated - 8190270720
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Introduce Your Kids to Simple Pleasures

game kids Balloons parenting - 8134298368
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Nice Try, But No Cigar

unicorn adopted comic - 6723204096

For the Children of the Children of the Eighties

costume Babies Cabbage Patch Kids parenting g rated - 7876342784
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One For the Baby Book

baby ultrasound parenting computer - 8139580672
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Growing Up is Hard

batman comic star wars - 6310399232
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This isn't my "I in TEAM"

accident g rated parenting Parenting Fail school sports - 5554074880
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One Spicy Baby-Ball

baby high chairs messy peppers - 6480466176
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This Senior's Touchdown Run is More Heartfelt and Special Than Any Play in the NFL This Weekend

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You go Waterbottle Baby!

Parenting Fail smoking water bottle - 5882884608
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