Boys Will Be Boys

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And Here I Thought I Was Just Getting Fat!

you dont say pregnancy test g rated Parenting FAILS - 6812499456
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Too Tired to Push?

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More Like Teddy Bare

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This Is My Mad Face

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A Little Help, Here?

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Children are Too Fragile These Days

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21st Century Schizoid Mom

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The Parallels Between Pro Wrestling and Sugary Drinks Are Undeniable

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Thanks For Sharing....

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Do You Think She Googled It?

grandma calls about bukkake
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This Date is Going to End Poorly

Awkward baby date derp derp face Parenting Fail - 5559298816
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Transformers: They're Children in Disguise

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I'm Just Trying to Share!

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Look Your Own Age

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Father's Day Coupons

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