wtf strange Supernatural stories weird - 16206597

Outlandish Things People Swear They Saw But Have Zero Proof

It's happened to everyone. You saw something. An event that you couldn't explain . You can't tell anyone because it's just too out there. But you swear it happened. You saw it with your own eyes. Could it be that people are highly suggestable, get their eyes tricked, and often misremember dreams as memories? That's true. And also I saw a goblin. A real life goblin. It started right back at me with its beady little eyes and not a soul believes me. And it was ANGRY.
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tumblr gems and tweets

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Bust Up The Monotony

Because why should we be forced to hear our own thoughts.
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funny tumblr thread on there only being one bed

Tumblr Thread: The Very Real Cliché Of Bed Scarcity

It actually happens in real life.
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15 cringey wedding related fail images | thumbnail "lthough horrific, I'm out of emotions to do anything but laugh at this point. My fiance and I just found out yesterday that my future mother-in-law has made arrangements to have her vows renewed at our destination wedding. On the same day. Two hours prior to our ceremony. At the same location. Because... wait for it... she wants the day to be special for her also. "

A Bushel Of Ridiculously Cringey Wedding Related Fails

Holla we want pre nup
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Viral TikTok video has viewers commenting about entitled new hires they've had to work with.

Entitled New Hires Are Getting a Piece of TikTokers' Minds On Viral Video

“They be thinking they know everything.”
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gas gas station instant regret lol funny regret - 107816961

Lady Is Pissed Guys Are Following Her, She Has Gas Pump Hanging From Car

Ya hope it's not real, but this kind of thing has happened to more people than they'd like to admit. Most gas nozzles have quick release mechanisms that snap off so idiots can drive off without killing everyone. But very few of them probably find themselves dying inside after accusing good Samaritans of following them for nefarious purposes. NPC vibes indeed.
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wtf creepy optical illusion weird cursed faces - 107816705

Flashed Face Distortion Effect Makes Normal Faces Look Grotesque

Alright that's pretty cool. So flashed face distortion is a relatively new optical illusion/observed phenomena that makes eye-aligned faces look terrifyingly distorted while you focus on a midpoint. It's been done to great effect with celebrity faces too. Seriously, after a few seconds you just start seeing monsters. Pretty cool.
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FAIL grandma relationships tifu funny dating - 16198405

Woman Thinks Boyfriend is Cheating on Her, It’s His Grandmother

Awkward if true.
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trashy drama cringe failbook facebook cheating family - 16200453

Trashy Family Cheating Scandal Emerges on Facebook Sale for Baby Bassinet, Cringey Public Feud Ensues

People like this actually exist?
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FAIL relationships tifu funny dating - 16200197

Guy Messes Up Chances For a Date When He Texts Like A Bot As a Joke, Gets Unmatched

Poor lad gets unmatched when he pretends to text like a bot.
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fantasy games gaming Memes role playing dungeons and dragons memes funny dungeons and dragons - 16206085

Dungeons And Dragons Memes To Cast On Self

What's so great about reality anyway? Sure, it's where we live, but enough of us have lived in crappy apartments and worse towns to know that real life sometimes doesn't cut it. Here are some Dungeons and Dragons memes to tide you over until your next session, which hopefully you can schedule within the next few weeks if Bryan can get his stupid life together and show up this time.
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boyfriend tantrum annoying lol ridiculous vegan food - 16197125

Boyfriend Throws Tantrum Over Vegan Cake At Vegan's Birthday

If you go to the birthday party of your vegan girlfriend, and her friend, a professional vegan baker, is bringing a cake, you don't exactly have a lot of leg to stand on when you don't like the cake. Also, it's fine to not like the cake. But even if you had regular birthday cake that sucked, you probably wouldn't act out about it like this dude did. Also, how does this guy not like Oreos? For some more food drama, here's the dude who organized a beef wellington dinner just to have some of the g…
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management antiwork great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit - 16198149

Crackpot Karen Boss Leaves Ridiculous Sign On “Her Chair” When She Leaves For Vacation

The Forbidden Chair of Ca'ar'on.
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Blue collar workers tell unspoken truths about their work

"Respect to Those That Understand": Viral TikTok About Blue Collar Life Has Commenters Getting Deep

The unspoken truths about this lifestyle.
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behavior society addiction psychology - 16197381

Addictions That World Is Just Sort Of Okay With

Working can be a healthy habit, especially when it compliments people's other habits of being warm, dry and fed. But when you find yourself in the office at 10 pm getting texts about when you're supposed to be arriving with the Thanksgiving Turkey, it might be time to admit that you have a problem. Or maybe society has the problem and we're just feeding into it.
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twitter jokes lol funny tweets random tweets funny - 16197893

Funny Tweets To Counteract The Drudgery Of Life

What would we do without Twitter? We'd probably read more books and spend more time with our families. But c'mon, who doesn't want to peer into the collective panic attack of a thousand media-addled minds? Books are way longer than 140 characters and we've destroyed our ability to focus. So here are some funny tweets to grind boredom into the dirt.
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