stupid gas thieves accidentally steal kerosene and ruin car

Incompetent Gas Thieves Seal Their Own Fate

Some problems sort themselves out.
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funny jokes and tweets

Funny Tweets To Viciously Unleash Upon Boredom

Take that, boredom!
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entitled people with ridiculous demands

Entitled People and Their Unreasonable Demands

There they go again.
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funny jokes and observations from twitter

Funny Tweets and Tumblr Gems to Sift Through and Chortle

May the dumb thoughts flow freely.
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guy lies about his money, says his wife spends all his when she actually makes more

Lying Brother Tries To Cover Up Fact His Wife Is Breadwinner

It's often more graceful to accept the facts.
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Girl keeps stealing her roommate's raisins, so a petty revenge ensues.

Girl Keeps Stealing Roommate's Raisins, Petty Revenge Ensues

Oh, job well done.
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funny memes about having children and being a parent

Parenting Memes For The Perpetually Stressed

Distract yourself from the stress of having a family with memes about the stress of having a family.
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entitled sister-in-law steals baby name but parents use it anyway

Entitled Sister-In-Law Steals Baby Name, Freaks Out When Couple Doesn't Care

That's refreshing.
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An entitled choosing beggar doesn't understand how lowballing works | Hi l'm interested chairs if available Hello, yes they are am here all day all week, available anytime pickup if interested. Ok. Is whole set with bench and table also

Entitled Lowballer Doesn't Understand Lowballing

They were their own worst enemy.
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Company messes with a delivery driver's tips, and then a pro revenge ensues.

Company Messes With Delivery Driver's Tips, Pro Revenge Ensues

It's amazing what greedy people will do.
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Confusing images to make people double-take | pack of giraffes inside a safari jeep | Upon further inspection, her paws are not really orange spotted cat sitting on top of an orange cat

Double-Take-Causing Images of Skewed Perspective

Work out those eyes.
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Ridiculously overpriced products | patchyj 1.5k points 4 days ago couple years ago, Mark's and Spencer Food high end supermarket UK, tried selling "Cauliflower Steak" which thick slice cauliflower 2.50 covered plastic could literally buy whole cauliflower same row bit further down 40p. They were crucified hilarious

Absurdly Overpriced Stuff People Have Seen

Someone will buy it, too.
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Employee gets fired from company and takes program with them | Posted by u/Wintertodt 2 days ago Buy my program fire No? Okay. oc M Long story short employed at rather large factory which is one largest plant based companies world, recently bought by an investment firm not so long ago. Anyways developed program which used at factory could tell whenever any machines were not running, even if due manual stop or anything else. My program knew reason why machine idling. This program made so much eas

Employee Gets Fired, Takes Essential Program with Them

And just like that, management shot itself in the foot.
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funny clever puns

Puns Ranging From Untreatable to Highly Repeatable

It's always a mixed bag with puns.
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stories of very dumb things people said.

Dumb Things People Witnessed That Leave Little Hope For Humanity

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A collection of mildly interesting images that definitely piqued our interest.

Mildly Interesting Images To Ponder

That seahorse is a champion.
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