funny literally accurate moments

Literally Accurate Moments So Funny They Figuratively Hurt

That's right, sort of.
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wtf screaming seal seal scream tom hanks yelling seal scream six lol funny weird Video animals - 107508481

Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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mass effect editing movies lol austin powers video games funny - 107508225

Austin Powers In Mass Effect Is The Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

Everybody may like their own brand, but these two together are magic.
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neighbors want guy to build house for their property values

Neighbors Demand Dude Build A House To Increase Their Property Value

Good old neighbors.
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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people who didn't understand jokes

Misguided Individuals Who Aggressively Didn't Get Jokes

Yeah, they're the dumb one.
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rage frustrating wtf cooking annoying friends angry story entitled vegan food - 15485445

Houseguest Demands Labor Intensive Vegan Meal, Isn't Even Vegan

Oh come on man.
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musician choosing beggar reverse on horse person

Musician Pulls Ultimate Reverse Uno On Entitled Horse Person

Absolutely flawless.
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A collection of funny, relatable, and downright painful moments from the world of working retail.

Retail Memes And Tweets That Portray The Struggle

Entitled customers are the worst.
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vegan fiancé won't eat vegan food, the internet weighs in on it

Vegan Fiancé Blames Cook For Not Knowing Her Secret Dietary Restrictions

Oh. Great.
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People describe their most interesting experiences with people being honest on job applications.

Precious Times People Were Shamelessly Honest On Job Applications

Big ups for the honesty.
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weird items for sale on craigslist and facebook marketplace

Wild Garbage People Tried Selling Online

Okay, thanks.
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friend is always late and won't apologize, is given a gift card with no money

Constantly Late Friend Won't Apologize, Tastes Wrath of Decoy Gift Card

The ol' gift card runaround.
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funny unlicensed halloween costumes

Funny Unlicensed Costumes To Make A So-So Impression This Halloween

"Come with me, and you'll see, a world of copyright evasion"
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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funny tweets and tumblr gems

Funny Tweets and Tumblr Gems To Kick Things Up A Few Notches

Ah, the unstoppable river of people's thoughts.
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