dogs editing photoshop photoshopped funny derp - 16231941

Dog Does A Derp Catching Snowball, Gets Photoshopped To The Nines

Photoshop is the best. It doesn't take a whole lot to inspire creativity in people with photoshop, or in some of these cases possibly MS Paint. One solid image of a dog doing something weird, an issued challenge, and people on the internet are off to the races trying to find the weirdest, funniest or most fitting location for that derpin' dog. For some delectable photoshop trolls, here are some choice photoshop trolls from the master James Fridman.
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cake aita marriage drama birthday relationships couples dating - 16237573

Wife Makes Husband Promise That He Will Eat His Entire Birthday Cake in One Day, He Does and Gets Insulted

There was just no way that he could win in this scenario.
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Alexandra Starr goes viral on TikTok for privileged post

Blatantly Privileged Woman Gets Backlash on Viral TikTok After Telling People "If You Don't Like Where You Are, Just Leave"

That would be nice, but not everyone can afford flights back and forth from L.A.
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roof wtf snow lol funny - 107822081

Roof Snow Clearing Is Catastrophic And Effective

Sure, someone could try to go up there and carefully scrape all the snow off by hand, but that might be too slow and dangerous. This method is obviously more effective, much faster, and it gets points for spectacle.
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moron FAIL stairs cars lol dumb idiots stupid win - 107822337

Idiot In SUV "Successfully" Makes It Down Stairs

To be honest, it's always been a little tempting while driving to see if you could make it down a set of stairs. But it's not exactly a thing most of us would want to risk with our own cars and/or stairs. Luckily this smooth-brain ventured on to find out for the rest of us that, yeah, it's possible, but no, it's not advisable. Now the real challenge is seeing if they can make it back up.
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aita relationship relationships family sister dating - 16236293

Woman Kicks Her Younger Sister Out After She Hooks Up With Her Friend's Ex

This week on "Maury".
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salesman malicious compliance retail phone sales Horrible Bosses - 16237061

Mobile Phone Salesman Catches Boss and Coworker Stealing and Taking Advantage of People With Intellectual Disabilities

"If you don't like the way we do things here, you can leave." ...OK
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funny tinder tinder relationships dating - 16234245

Tantalizing Tidbits From the Top Talents of Tinder

Jokes, memes, and dreams from the modern world of dating.
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privacy wtf annoying mother relationships lol prank funny trick - 16235269

Woman Hides Weird Self-Affirmations To Prank Fiancé's Snooping Mom

Sometimes parents just want to help. Sometimes parents just want to help too much. But sometimes that's all just a cover. Sometimes moms be snoopin'. And this lady decided that she should make fun of a snoopin' mom by throwing some extra bombshells into the daily affirmations. This isn't the only way someone has tricked a nosy mom. Here's this snooping mother-in-law who got tricked with a decoy key
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twitter wtf castle house lol amazing ridiculous weird selling - 16234501

Twitter Thread: The Gaudiest Castle For Sale In Connecticut

Rebecca Makkai did a deep dive into an amazingly over-the-top castle built by the kin of a steel tycoon in 2010. As we all know, wealth hardly ever really translates to taste, and it all looks like a 3rd grader's idea of luxury. Anyway it's for sale if anyone has the scratch for it. The dude selling it seems like a bit of a prickly customer, though. For another wonderful listing, here's the Tumblr Thread on the 70s house that looks like carpeted geometry salad.
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aita relationships uncle divorce family - 16234757

Guy Calls Little Brother Out When Brother Trash Talks His Ex-Wife, Exposes Him in Front of Everyone

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
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frustrating wtf job annoying retail work Memes funny - 16233989

Retail Memes To Stay On Top Of The Struggle

What can we say about working retail that hasn't already been screamed into the face of someone making 12 dollars an hour. Sometimes it feels like your whole job is just to be a meat-sack for red-faced anger-dads and bob-cutted shoe urchins to scream at because your boss didn't order enough cardigans in “yo momma” size. Seriously, where do these douche-yachts get off. Here are some more retail memes and tweets to portray the struggle.
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company secrets

Company Secrets People Can Share Now That They've Left

Oh no.
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antiwork great resignation Horrible Bosses red flag big quit employment - 16233477

Insane Medical Practice Owner Posts List of "Rules of the Practice" and Narcissism Has Never Taken Clearer Shape

"Mehan" sounds like a walking red flag.
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funny history memes and jokes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Lords Of Time

Enter history!
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scumbag aita parenting family grandparents - 16233221

Scumbag Dad Abandons His Dying Mother, Demands Money When She Disinherits Him

This dad doesn't deserve a darn thing.
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