christmas aita marriage relationships - 15840261

Pregnant Wife Cancels Entitled Husbands Christmas Plans After He Invites His Entire Family Over Without Asking Her First

What a toolbag.
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christmas hoa aita grinch - 15840517

“Grinchy” HOA Karen Tries to Tell Guy That He Has Too Many Christmas Lights Up, He’s Not Even Part of Their HOA

Just your regular Clark Griswold.
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funny stories of worst foods people have eaten

People Share The Worst Foods They've Ever Eaten

Taste is subjective, kind of.
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funny fails and mistake

Chaotic Moments of Failure That Had People Rethinking Their Decisions

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funny obvious plant products

Delightfully Stupid Obvious Plant Products To Doubletake At

Oh nice, goat internet?
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entitled people and their demands

Entitled People Who Made People's Lives Definitively Worse

Why are people like this?
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gaming tifu Skyrim - 15839237

College Student Dies of Shame and Embarrassment When He Accidentally Submits an 'Adult Skyrim Mod Guide’ Instead of His Essay, Fellow Gamers Predictably Ask for Said Guide

Destruction 100. One Handed 100.
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gamer gaming rant gaming fail - 15835909

Must Install Download: Fed-Up Gamer Goes on Impassioned Rant About the State of Modern Gaming

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tattoo, dating, relationship, relationship fail

Guy Tattoos Girlfriend's Name on His Neck, She Comes to His Defense When He Gets Blasted in the Comments

I wonder where they are now?
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malicious compliance horrible boss workplace Horrible Bosses - 15829253

Engineering Team Gets the Better of Their Management When They Start Enforcing "Strict Working Hours"

Probably not great to mess with a group of people who specialize in precision.
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revenge petty revenge college malicious compliance - 15813381

Clever College Chick Gets Revenge After Being Told to "Stop Walking Around Braless" in Her Dorm

She sure 'breasted' her opponent here.
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wedding FAILS FAIL - 15827973

Ridiculous Wedding FAILs That Were Brought About By Poor Choices

Weddings. Events designed for debauchery and poor decision making.
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dancing Music wtf timing michael jackson Perfect Timing lol funny - 107692289

Dude On Street Does Excellent Michael Jackson, Syncs Up Perfectly

It's uncanny.
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Music school awesome lol amazing ridiculous funny Video band - 107692033

School Band Is Delightfully Horrible

Still better than "All I Want For Christmas Is You" On Loop
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cursed weird images

Weird And Uncomfortable Cursed Images To Cringe The Night Away

Thanks, I hate it.
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queen freddie mercury parenting tifu funny - 15827717

Dad Gets Daughter Hyped For Freddie Mercury Biopic, Forgets to Tell Her the Singer is Dead and Ruins Her Life

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