antiwork great resignation Horrible Bosses red flag big quit employment - 16233477

Insane Medical Practice Owner Posts List of "Rules of the Practice" and Narcissism Has Never Taken Clearer Shape

"Mehan" sounds like a walking red flag.
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funny history memes and jokes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Lords Of Time

Enter history!
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scumbag aita parenting family grandparents - 16233221

Scumbag Dad Abandons His Dying Mother, Demands Money When She Disinherits Him

This dad doesn't deserve a darn thing.
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Karen war goes viral on tiktok when she reports entire apartment complex for having pets

Karen War Ignites In Viral TikTok After She Gets Entire Apartment Complex Fined $150 for Having Pets

She also reported someone for “praying too loud.”
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rural drama community lol amazing small town funny - 16233733

People Share Their Scandalous Small Town Drama

Small towns. Depending on who you ask, they're dens of community, salt-of-the-earth values, rampant local corruption and terrific squabbles. There can be incomprehensible pettiness, wild pigs loose in the woods, and amazing gossip. People will have screaming matches over a new Starbucks and everyone knows that the mayor's kid is selling whip-its on the side. What a wild time.
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Stage Collapses Under Dancers During Routine

Stage Collapses Under Dancers During Routine

Break a leg out there!
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Truck dumps its entire load while trying to turn.

Catastrophic Failure as Improperly Loaded Truck Dumps All Its Cargo While Trying to Turn

"No regrets."
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antiwork employee great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses big quit - 16223749

Insane Employer Writes Absurd Post Complaining About Not Being Able to Hire Teenagers Without Pay

Hmm. If only there was already a name for this...
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antiwork great resignation askreddit workplace Horrible Bosses big quit red flag - 16223493

What Things Are Red Flags From Employers That People Might Not Immediately Recognize? The Internet Answers.

These workplace red flags are things you might have missed.
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aita pets roommate roommates Cats vegan - 16222469

Vegan Gets Upset When Roommate Tells Cat Shelter That She is Lying About What She Intends to Feed the Adopted Animal

Do NOT do this to your pets.3
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narcissism FAIL entitled idiots choosing beggar - 16221957

Baseless Choosing Beggars Who Wanted Something For Nothing

I'll pay you in exposure!
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management antiwork great resignation malicious compliance Horrible Bosses big quit - 16221445

Employee Quits When Leave Request For Honeymoon is Denied, Boss Doesn't Realize They're Gone, Gets Fired

Be careful what you wish for!
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funny tumblr gems

Random Tumblr Gems To Hack Through With A Machete

There's something out there.
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boss manager job revenge work story funny fast food - 16212229

Boss Lies, Refuses To Pay $250 Bonus, Whole Night Crew Walks Out

Isn't it strange how if your work steals from you, they don't go to jail? When this dude found out that his boss had no intention of making good on an agreement, and blamed the employees for a problem he himself created, everyone got fed up and decided to finally make it the boss's problem. And it became a pretty big problem. For some more justice, here's the employee who had their vacation messed with and resigned while their boss lost money hand over fist.
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job red flags

Job Red Flags To Look Out For At A New Workplace

It's a jungle out there.
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aita antiwork manager work workplace - 16210437

Manager Goes on Vacation Without Giving Subordinate Crucial Files, Costs Company Key Client

"It’s your coworker’s fault, but it’s your responsibility."
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