Call the police on my kid for watching a movie? No afternoon nap for you! | So I just read a story on here that reminded me of my dad’s personal petty revenge story.  I was around 10-12 when this happened.  Our old next door neighbour was a nosy, lazy SAHM. She liked to complain about almost everything.

Unreasonable Elderly Neighbor Phones Police Over Teen Movie Marathon, Has Her Nap-time Cancelled

There's nothing worse than a noisy neighbor, but there's also nothing worse than a nosy neighbor who has absolutely zero damn tolerance for people just trying to live out a normal, uneventful existence. There's no reason why a few teenagers watching a movie should result in a call to the police… Unless that movie is incessantly loud and extends into unreasonable hours through a shared wall or other close proximity living. That being said…With every passing year, I find myself becoming more and…
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I just can't with this one | Employer posts sign in window blaming lazy community for their struggle to find workers

'Get off your butt!': Restaurant blames lazy community for their own struggle to find workers

The “Great Resignation” has turned the workforce on its head. The experience of the waning pandemic gave a lot of workers the time and headspace to reflect on their individual working situations and reevaluate if it was what they wanted or if they wanted to seek greener pastures.
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Make my coworkers cry I will help karma turn your life upside down.

'I am not quite finished with him yet': Hotel employee gets massive revenge on entitled guest

This hotel employee concocted the most elaborate revenge plot on an awful, entitled guest!
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AITA for serving my boyfriend's parents pizza for dinner? | Hi. so this happened last night. I'm still hella confused by this whole thing.  So, I f28 have been dating my boyfriend m31 for 7 months. His family are of italian origins and they take a lot of pride in it.

Boyfriend's Parents Lose Their Minds, Offended Over Being Served Pizza After Dropping by For Dinner Unannounced

What in the pepperoni gorgonzola is this?
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Funniest Construction Memes and Fails This Week

Tragically Funny Fails And Funny Moments We've Seen In Construction This Week

Why is it so easy to relate
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Here is a fresh batch of relatable memes to cure you of your "Sunday Scaries!"

Funniest Memes For Your "Sunday Scaries"

Nothing like a fresh batch of relatable memes to cure you of your "Sunday Scaries!"
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"Every bloody morning I put our outside tables and chairs out 20 mins before we open. Every single day when I'm lugging the first couple of heavy ass tables out into the street, I inevitably get someone asking if we're open yet. Well obviously not since I'm still setting up, but whatever."

'Every. F-ing. Morning.': Service industry worker goes off on impassioned rant about when customers try to push inside early

Working in retail, customer service, or in the service industry opens you up to a variety of mind-numbing experiences. The first category would probably be the repetitive tasks that you have to do day in and day out. These chores all require next-to-no brain power and could be completed by a monkey. There are only so many shirts you can fold, walls you can merchandise, or stock-takes you can complete before beginning to contemplate moving out to an off-grid cabin in the woods.
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No, that is not a company spot, that is my spot...

Senior Worker Visits Office and Takes Employee's Parking Spot, Gets His Vehicle Towed

Parking garage rules are stupid and this visiting senior employee ruined the whole system.
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How I screwed over a racist, horrible, bigoted business owner and likely resulted in him going out of business faster.| This occurred in a southern state (I won't mention the state...cause, well, you'll see :))

'I'm charging him full rate': Account manager screws over bigoted client and runs them out of business

Some people don't deserve to be in business, unfortunately, these jerks' and bigots' ruthless business practices often make them more successful instead of causing them to fail. That is unless they're incredibly stupid or someone intervenes to put an end to them. Both of those things happened in this story as shared by an account manager, u/redditadmindumb87, to the r/prorevenge subreddit. In their story, they describe a terrible client of theirs who “was a royal PITA." He was racist and bigote…
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Viral doctor exposes an unethical dentist and people on the internet share their own horror stories of unethical doctors

"Patients should always trust their gut instincts': Doctor calls out an unethical scamming dentist, internet explodes with similar situations

“I believed my new dentist and 2 years later I have five crowns, two root canals—I have more pain NOW than before.”
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meme-meister Memes top-memes-meme meme top-meme - 17965573

30 Most Memes of the Week

These are some of the memes that we've seen this week, and they are certainly some of the most memes that we've seen.
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Funny and relatable memes about working blue collar jobs

Funniest Blue Collar Memes From This Week That Are So Spot-On Only Real Blue Collar Workers Can See the OSHA Violations (September 28, 2022)

I bet you're laughing at these without even wearing your PPE...
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AITA for leaving an equal inheritance to my stepson as my bio kids

Dad Gives His Stepson an Equal Share of His Inheritance, Faces the Wrath of His Biological Children

You know that feeling when your father drafts his will in such a messed up way that it becomes clear he should really be investing in therapy instead?
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Can’t expense my bike rides home? Okay, then I’ll take very expensive ubers instead.| I have recently started a new job and one of the perks is that if you work late, you can have a free dinner and then take an uber back home. However, I much prefer renting an electric bike back home (you know the ones on the sidewalk). It’s faster, much better for the environment, fun and a great way to decompress after a long day’s of work.

'Can’t expense my bike rides home?': Employer refuses to accept bike hire expenses in lieu of Uber

Written rules and policies can be ridiculously shortsighted. Often times they've been committed to paper hurriedly by an HR rep, or middle manager, responding to demands that are being placed on them by frustrated executives. The aforementioned situation often results in entirely one-dimensional rules that don't offer any room for leeway or interpretation on a case-by-case basis.
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Crawled into work still drunk from the night before

Fast Food Worker Comes Into Work the Morning After Their Birthday Party in Quite the State

We've all been this person the morning after our birthday parties
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AITA for leaving my best friend and his friends stranded in an unfamiliar city?|I have a habit of leaving my keys on a hook next to the door to my bedroom in my camper. Remember this. Come nightfall, I went to take a phone call outside and ended up wandering around the grounds for over an hour. When I got back to the camper, the door was locked, and I was told by my best friend's older friend through the window that there wasn't enough room for me in MY trailer.

'Why would you do this?': Guy strands entitled friends after they lock him out of his own camper

After kindly offering to drive his best friend and co to a “Spartan race” in another state, this guy's services were kindly repaid when they locked him out of his own camper for the night. The reasoning given was somewhere along the lines of there not being enough room (which was told to him through a locked door that they refused to open.) The insanity of this knows no bounds. He was being denied access and the ability to stay in his own camper that he had towed there with his own truck. In wh…
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