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Futile Lawn Work FAIL

lawn snow what - 6897649408
By Unknown

It Was a Fun Night, Yes

drunk what passed out weird horse - 6938847232
By Unknown
Music twerking what miley cyrus Video - 54584065

"Miley Cyrus Spanked a Twerking Little Person on German TV" is Now a Sentence That Accurately Depicts Real Events

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Ever Wanted to Buy "The"?

what ebay - 8202697728
Via Metro

Curse You, Combination Locks!

what books - 8188480768
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It's Like Five Guys but With Four Guys Who Are Three Brothers

menu what restaurant - 8377195776
Via Joanne Casey

Well Then, I'll Proceed to Exit

sign paradox what exit - 7245867520
By Unknown
drunk fight what Video fail nation - 68246785

Something Tells Me the Signpost is Going to Win This Spat

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Gotta Keep That One on the High Shelf, Away From the Kids

cars what weird parking - 6981962752
By Unknown


what autocomplete funny google - 7652136192
By Unknown

Un-Door FAIL

door obvious paradox what - 6596665856
By Unknown

Prank Gone Awry FAIL

prank what duct tape - 6696672000
By Unknown

What Exactly is This Sign Warning About?

sign cars what weird funny fail nation - 7460404224
Via Reddit

Silent Protest FAIL

news headline what Probably bad News - 6760961280
Via Criggo

Thank Goodness the Sun isn't in His Eyes!

fire what genius hat funny - 7788451328
By Unknown
fire what Video - 65506817

Anybody Got a Fire Extinguisher for This Guy?

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