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Slow Clap for the Effort on This One

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WTF of the Day: Man Accuses Girlfriend of Having Sex With the Entire Wu-Tang Clan

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The Red Eye Filter Went a Little Nuts Here

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Haunted Toaster FAIL

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Merry Go Round FAIL

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We Could All Learn a Thing From Generic Alien Man

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Harlequin FAIL

dating dad accidental sexy book what - 6685412864
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Kanye West Attempts to Sell a Plain White T-Shirt for $120 and the World Laughs at Him

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Canadian Politics: Now With More American Politics

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Anybody Got a Fire Extinguisher for This Guy?

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You Doing Alright Over There, Tesco?

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Futile Lawn Work FAIL

lawn snow what - 6897649408
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Ryan Beitz is Determined to Own Every VHS Copy of "Speed" Ever Printed

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That's Not How Acronyms Work

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Why Would Anyone Want a Honey Bucket?

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This is Easily the Most Ridiculous Thing in a Newspaper This Year

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