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Not Wrongfully Convicted of Having an Awesome Name Though

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Prank Gone Awry FAIL

prank what duct tape - 6696672000
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freakout what Video - 63713025

The Craziest TV Guest of All Time?

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Finally, the Hose-TV Connection I've Been Looking for

cable what scam fail nation g rated - 8122141184
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Time to Fuel Up Your Horses

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It's the Right Thing to Do

confusing funny what sign fail nation g rated - 7913089536
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what smoking Video - 63711489

Need a Quick Fix? Hit the Fries. Or Don't, Because That's Terrible.

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america cigarettes what Video - 69869569

A Redneck Moment of Zen in the Parking Lot

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McDonald's what Probably bad News fast food Video fail nation - 58411777

There is No Rage Like a Customer With a Wrong Fast Food Order

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Cheese: The Silent Killer

cheese what warning tag - 7939631616
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Who Turned Out the Lights FAIL

hat head sheep weird what wtf - 6527805440
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what arrest funny weird Video - 54459649

What is Going On in This Bizarre Police Arrest?

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How Could You NOT Eat These Strawberries?

engrish what food - 8202695424
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How Did That Candy Make it Past Security?

news what - 8197341184
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news new zealand what funny weird Video - 51962369

The Animation on This New Zealand News Story Makes it All the Weirder

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what prank Probably bad News police fail nation - 68122113

Raw Footage of a Woman Throwing Bacon at Cops to "Feed the Pigs." Because "God Told her to."

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