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VHS what Video weird - 60661761

Ryan Beitz is Determined to Own Every VHS Copy of "Speed" Ever Printed

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Finally, the Hose-TV Connection I've Been Looking for

cable what scam fail nation g rated - 8122141184
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The Store for Your Inner Schizophrenic

guns sign what funny weird store fail nation g rated - 7646465280
By Unknown

An Ex-Girlfriend Got Stuck, Without Any Clothes, Down Her Old Boyfriend's Chimney

news chimney what Probably bad News fail nation - 8419528704
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The Kids Will Learn About the Digestive System One Way or Another!

accidental gross playground what g rated fail nation - 8250244864
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I Hate When the World Recycles NPCs

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We Could All Learn a Thing From Generic Alien Man

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news drunk what funny Video - 53244161

This Reporter Makes a Terrible Confession on Air

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Merry Go Round FAIL

accidental sexy elephant lady bits merry go round what - 6555595264
By Unknown
Music portland what weird Video - 70995969

Someone Took the Phrase "Keep Portland Weird" as a Personal Challenge

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Unusual Suspect FAIL

headline goat Probably bad News magic what - 6663604224
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The Citrus-Class Discover Card

ATM what weird fruit - 8350111488
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Car Mating FAIL

whoops parking lot car what parking - 6730675456
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The News that Matters

news what shutdown funny politics fail nation g rated - 7845104384

The Hunt is On for Two of the Silliest Looking Thieves Ever

news what Probably bad News g rated fail nation - 8350076672
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This Mixer Just Wasn't Having a Good Day

food funny what kitchen - 7935160064
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