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This Guy Has to be Made of Rubber

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Your Daily Dose of Crazy is This Preacher Convinced That Starbucks is Turning You Gay With Man-Juice-Infused Beans

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Ever Wanted to Buy "The"?

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WTF of the Day: Kids Climb Into Car Trunk at CiCi’s Pizza

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The French Pig-Squealing Championships Are Exactly as Weird as You'd Expect

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This Sign Should Have Collapsed Under the Weight of its Own Paradox Ages Ago

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Certifiably Insane FAIL

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Two Great Things that Go Great Together

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Corn on the Run, It's the Secret to Cardio

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Carry-On FAIL

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The Store for Your Inner Schizophrenic

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That's Not Where Trampolines Belong!

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This is Absolutely the Last Person You Want on Your Flight

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The Animation on This New Zealand News Story Makes it All the Weirder

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Ever Been so Drunk Your Mom Stole a Car?

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And Yea, Did He Give a Hanging Globe Upon the World

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