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Well Then, I'll Proceed to Exit

sign paradox what exit - 7245867520
By Unknown

I Need 20 CCs of "Watchtower," NOW!

hospital what - 7022882560
By Unknown

Where Does a Bear Go to Get a Drink Around Here?

bear what taxi animals - 8391367680
Via Brown Cardigan

What Exactly is Being Offered Here?

sign what spelling - 7288964608
By parkour_guy
poop what india Video fail nation - 60198145

This is UNICEF's Public Service Announcement About Poop in India. It Gets Weird Fast.

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fire what Video - 65506817

Anybody Got a Fire Extinguisher for This Guy?

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news what surfing interview Video - 60737281

This is Like, Totally the Most Radical Surfing Interview, Bro

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McDonald's what Video - 59949313

People Are Still Incredible, as This McDonald's Rampage Will Prove to You

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McDonald's what Probably bad News fast food Video fail nation - 58411777

There is No Rage Like a Customer With a Wrong Fast Food Order

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How Did He End Up There?

accident cars what driving - 7135796224
By Unknown

I Don't Remember the R.E.M. Song Going Quite Like That

cars engrish farts funny what taxi - 7922306304
By Unknown

Who Was Asking For This Combination?

sign accidental sexy what funny - 7460406528
Via Reddit

This Subway Will Take to the Skies!

public transportation what prank - 8336357120
Via Acid Cow

Late-Night Tales From 911 are the Weirdest Thing on the Internet

911 emergency what funny - 7734661888
Via Know Your Meme

Knightly Countenance FAIL

dong halloween what - 6675479040
By Unknown
what arrest funny weird Video - 54459649

What is Going On in This Bizarre Police Arrest?

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