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Nobody Knows What Caused This Explosion in a Dublin Manhole

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If You Can Figure Out What's Going on in This Law Commercial, You're Smarter Than Us

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Park, or Don't Park? Choose Wisely.

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Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

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What Are the Road Rules for a Runaway Ostrich, Exactly?

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Hang Them Out to Dry

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By beernbiccies

You Don't Need a Reason to Act a Fool When You're This Drunk

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Slow Clap for the Effort on This One

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Relationship Columnist Dr. Laura Spouts Off Some Insanely Dumb Things About Pit Bulls

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There Are No Words to Respond to a Headline Like This

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By Unknown

Better Than Reading a Newspaper?

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Via Brown Cardigan

Note to Self: Shoe Shine is Not Body Oil

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By Unknown
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A Dollar Store Kid's Toy Has Some Creepy-Ass Images to Give the Children Nightmares

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The Craziest TV Guest of All Time?

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Who Took a Joyride in the Flying Car?

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By Unknown
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Why Would Anyone Want a Honey Bucket?

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