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Photo Op FAIL

hurricane photo op what sexy times - 6724315648
By Unknown

That's Not How Acronyms Work

acronym what sign - 8328472320
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Carry-On FAIL

cat bag pets what airport Hall of Fame Travel best of week - 6752524032
By Unknown

The Brain is the Most Important Muscle in Your Body

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Just Parse This Out if You Can

Probably bad News news what - 8337391360
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what funny weird Video fail nation - 52203009

What did I Just Watch?

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How Exactly Does This Go Missing?

sign what lost - 8161026048
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The High Priest of the Cult of Hot Dog

hot dog what weird - 8072552704
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commercial what Video law fail nation g rated - 66796033

If You Can Figure Out What's Going on in This Law Commercial, You're Smarter Than Us

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Nobody is Left to Complain, Really

Probably bad News news what - 8030556160
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Studies Studying the Studies' Studies Are Still Being Researched Now

typo what funny newspaper - 7916611328
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Good Question FAIL

clean lady bits what weird - 6676094464
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animals ostrich what Video fail nation - 64080129

What Are the Road Rules for a Runaway Ostrich, Exactly?

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Yeah, Make Sure to Get Your Crazy Theories About Obama Right!

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How Did That Candy Make it Past Security?

news what - 8197341184
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ouch what walk it off Video fail nation g rated - 67588865

This Guy Has to be Made of Rubber

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