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Kanye West Attempts to Sell a Plain White T-Shirt for $120 and the World Laughs at Him

fashion what kanye west shirt funny - 7670556160

Ever Wanted to Buy "The"?

what ebay - 8202697728
Via Metro

How Did He End Up There?

accident cars what driving - 7135796224
animals ostrich what Video fail nation - 64080129

What Are the Road Rules for a Runaway Ostrich, Exactly?

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Who Was Asking For This Combination?

sign accidental sexy what funny - 7460406528
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Who Took a Joyride in the Flying Car?

cars what funny fail nation g rated - 7713308672

It's So Cool to See Elementary Kids Getting Interested in Tattoo Design

what tattoos Ugliest Tattoos fail nation - 8102889216

There Are No Words to Respond to a Headline Like This

news headline facepalm what funny fail nation g rated - 7767855360

So is it Safe to Pass Here or Not?

cars what driving funny roads - 7675856128

Harlequin FAIL

dating dad accidental sexy book what - 6685412864
drunk what sleeping Video - 62933761

Ever Drank so Hard You Turned into a Kazoo?

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news what funny weird Video - 51977985

Why is This Guy Playing Air Guitar on the News?

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Gotta Keep That One on the High Shelf, Away From the Kids

cars what weird parking - 6981962752

Put Down the Joint and Get Back to Work, Sign

sign what soccer - 8383399168
Via quintywinties

Curse You, Combination Locks!

what books - 8188480768
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pig what france Video fail nation - 69047041

The French Pig-Squealing Championships Are Exactly as Weird as You'd Expect

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