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Music portland what weird Video - 70995969

Someone Took the Phrase "Keep Portland Weird" as a Personal Challenge

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creepy what Probably bad News Video - 66069761

A Dollar Store Kid's Toy Has Some Creepy-Ass Images to Give the Children Nightmares

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Practice Safe Cooking With This Condom Recipe Book

books cooking condoms Japan recipe what fail nation - 8330444288
Via Happy Place

Classy 7/11 FAIL

parenting convenience store what fail nation - 6667098368
Via Reddit

I Don't Remember the R.E.M. Song Going Quite Like That

cars engrish farts funny what taxi - 7922306304
Created by Unknown
goats what Video - 58653441

When Goats Attack

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As it Turns Out, Turtles Are Difficult to Sneak by Security

news airport turtles what Probably bad News funny weird animals fail nation g rated - 7712766720

Where Does a Bear Go to Get a Drink Around Here?

bear what taxi animals - 8391367680
Via Brown Cardigan

Ever Wanted to Hit the Great Outdoors AND Look Like a Giant Dork?

Via I Heart Chaos

Engrish Funny: But How Do We Solve the Wood Problem?

africa engrish sexy times weird what - 6592993792
Created by Unknown
game show what Japan weird Video - 70984705

The Game is Simple: Don't Suck, and Get the Bug in Your Opponent's Mouth. WHAT?

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sports creepy what weird Video - 66302209

Some People Cheer at Sports Games, and Some Fans Open Their Maws and Summon the Demons from Hell

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The Ice Cream That Makes You Want to Eat More Ice Cream

drugs what ice cream funny weird - 7721589248
Created by Snake_AfterDark

There Are No Words to Respond to a Headline Like This

news headline facepalm what funny fail nation g rated - 7767855360
Created by Unknown
relationships what divorce Video - 70227201

WTF of the Day: Man Accuses Girlfriend of Having Sex With the Entire Wu-Tang Clan

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Thank Goodness the Sun isn't in His Eyes!

fire what genius hat funny - 7788451328
Created by Unknown
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