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The Chase Was "Tighty Whities"

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Woman Arrested After Riding Cart in Wal-Mart While Eating Chicken and Drinking Wine

Via CBS Miami
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The Savior is Risen, and He Wants Boysenberry

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It Was a Big Day for Jason

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See, I Thought You Were Supposed to Toss the Salad...

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We Have to Cook, Father

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Tom Brokaw's Phone Goes Off During Election Night Coverage, Handles it Like a Pro

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The Year of 2016 Might've Been a Massive Wasteland But At Least We Have These News Bloopers

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A Local Fox Affiliate Learns to be Very Careful With Grammar and Punctuation

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"Employee of the Month" is a Position Worthy of Jealousy at This Wal-Mart

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Via CBS Miami
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This Anchorman Has One Job, But This Pig's Punny-Name is Causing Him to Crack-Up Laughing Instead

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Get Off My Lawn!

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An Ex-Girlfriend Got Stuck, Without Any Clothes, Down Her Old Boyfriend's Chimney

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Via CBS Los Angeles

He Just Couldn't Handle That Pooh Anymore

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Button the Sheep Is Literally Pissing off This BBC Reporter

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No Matter How Bad Your Day is, You Didn't Make THIS Error

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