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These Guys Picked the Wrong House

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This Reporter Thinks He's Eating Grape Nuts off the Floor, but It's So Much Worse than That

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Probably Bad News: You'll Be Hearing From His Lawyer, Frosty

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By Unknown

Cable News Always Looks on the Bright Side of Things

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A Local News Station Reports the Names of Asiana's Pilots... and Everyone Facepalms

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CNN's Poppy Harlow Passes out on Live Broadcast

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Solo Play FAIL

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One Very Scared Cab Driver Mistakes a Bear for a Different Kind of Fuzzy Beast

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This Poor Lost Kid is the Best Prize You Can Get From a Grab Machine

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BBC Facebook Burns Commenter For Questioning Validity of News Story

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Draconian Punishment FAIL

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By Unknown

Someone Had Way too Much Fun With This Page Layout

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Why is This Happening FAIL

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This Jerk Got Caught Red-Handed Loading Other People's Deliveries Into His High-End SUV

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When Someone Grabs the Ceramic Squirrel You Know it Just Got Real

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By Unknown

The Messiah of High-Tops Has Come

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