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The Story of a Dummy That Got a Free Ride

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What Not to Do at Your Holiday Party: One Man Downed a Carton of Eggnog in 12 Seconds, and it Only Cost Him Three Days in the Hospital!

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Hard-Hitting News: What's Up With This KFC Bucket?

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Just a Slip of the Tongue and You'll Know What's on This Reporter's Mind

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News FAIL of the Day: Wait a Minute... That's Not a Construction Site!

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Anybody Want to Get This Weird Purple Stick Off the News Feed?

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Are We Going to Bring Motive and Intent Into This Argument?

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Classic: This Reporter Has a Scream You Won't Forget

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You've Had Some Fun Drinking Nights, but You've Probably Never Been "Hang Yourself Out to Dry" Drunk

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Guy Playing Pokémon GO with a Warrant out for His Arrest Ends up Walking Himself Right into Police Custody

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Here's a Streak of Irony For Your Live News Report

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Tell Me More...

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Glad I Missed It FAIL

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Cheeseburger Sandals in Paradise

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Nice Truck, too Bad the Neighbors Won't Let You Park it

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Reports of "Cowabunga" Cannot be Confirmed or Denied

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