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I Did it All for the Corrections

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news cars Probably bad News Video - 62030337

Confusing a Car and a Spaceship, Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

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live news zoo funny Video giraffes - 283143

Pushy Giraffe Gets a Little Too Friendly With a Reporter on Live TV and Hilarity Ensues

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news prom Video fail nation - 60926977

This Teen Was Kicked Out of Prom for The Dumbest Possible Reason

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news Awkward that sounds naughty Video cows - 78287361

News Anchor Loses It Over a Farmer's Dirty Joke

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Everything Went Off Without a Hitch for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, Except for All the Pee

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If This Sounds Like a Hollywood Movie to You, You're on the Right Track

Probably bad News politics news - 8329453824
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I See No Problem FAIL

news pr0n - 6760966656
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See, I Thought You Were Supposed to Toss the Salad...

Probably bad News news fail nation - 8220728832
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news live news spider weather monday thru friday g rated - 51670785

Spider on Weathercam Freaks Out Meteorologist

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What a Delightful Holiday!

news easter eggs not what it looks like funny - 7439158016
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Remember That Time a British Airways Flight Got Turned Around Because of a Terrible Deuce?

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fail nation g rated news Professional At Work Video YT video - 35166209

Sleeping on the Job FAIL

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"Kill it With Fire" is Just an Expression: A Seattle Man Caused $60,000 in Damages Trying to Kill a Spider With Spray Paint and a Lighter

spiders news Kill It With Fire Probably bad News - 8257336576
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Pokémon news FAIL pokemon go Video police - 123654

Watch This Guy Shamelessly Confess to Police That He Was Playing Pokémon GO! After Hitting Police Car

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chimney Probably bad News news Video fail nation g rated - 61285889

Santa Claus Here Wanted to Pay His Ex-Wife a Visit Through the Chimney

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