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How is This Not a "National Lampoon" Movie Already?

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It Was a Big Day for Jason

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See, I Thought You Were Supposed to Toss the Salad...

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After Their Father Shredded Thousands of Yen, This Couple Spent Months Piecing it Back Together

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Crime Takes a Bite Out of Scruff McGruff

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Undie Crisis FAIL

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The News Just Doesn't Understand

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Then There's Something About Legality, I Don't Know

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The Apocalypse Has Already Begun

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One if by Land Two if by Sea!

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Straight From Rio These Are the Best Olympic News Bloopers

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Some Things Are Meant to Be Held Sacred, Like Bingo

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An Oregon Reporter Gets a Licking on a Live Broadcast

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Zombie Recovery FAIL

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Irrefutable Science FAIL

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This Jerk Got Caught Red-Handed Loading Other People's Deliveries Into His High-End SUV

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