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Sit Back and Enjoy the Best News Bloopers of July

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We Have a Pretty Bad Rupture in the Southside

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It's Not a Holster

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Via The Smoking Gun
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Slow News Day? The Fastest Soda Machine in the World

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Awkward news skiing Video Sochi 2014 - 58581249

A Reporter Brings Skiier Bode Miller to Tears Because This Isn't Already the Most Messed-Up Olympics Yet

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Kids These Days Are Such Pugs

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On-Air Blooper news compilation Video - 67557121

LOL of the Day: The Best News Bloopers of 2014

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These Guys Picked the Wrong House

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Via Daily Mail

The Newest Fad in San Francisco? Tipping Smart Cars Like They Were Cows.

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Via NBC Bay Area

A Simple Lesson in Human Physiology

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Censorship of the Day: A Utah High School is in Hot Water After its Female Students Were Made More "Modest" Through the Magic of Photoshop

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Via MyFox8
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Rub Some Dirt on it, Reporter!

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Probably Bad News: Photo Juxtaposition WIN or FAIL?

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Meet the Man Who Took Olive Garden's "Unlimited Pasta" Deal VERY Seriously

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It Turns Out School Officials Don't Appreciate Stormtroopers Patrolling Outside Their Campuses

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The Old "Night Man" Clause to Theft Doesn't Hold in Court

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