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Way Too High FAIL

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Someone Has a Little Snow Jealousy!

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After Stiffing on Cab Fare, This Woman Had Two Options: Jail, or Walking 30 Miles

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This Injustice Will Stop!

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Probably Bad News: Diminishing Returns

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A Drunk, Belligerent Cyclist Really Wanted 3:00 AM Taco Bell, Leading to the Best Mugshot Ever

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Probably Bad News: Sounds Like an Epic Competition

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Don't Try This at Home FAIL

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Is Our Children Learning Their Mathematicals?

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You Know Your Marriage is Wrecked When You Rob a Bank to Go to Jail, Instead of Paying a Divorce Lawyer

funny fail image man robs banks to be in jail instead of with wife and fails
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Remember That Time a British Airways Flight Got Turned Around Because of a Terrible Deuce?

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He Was Just Marking His Territory!

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Engaging Headline FAIL

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It's a Miracle Nobody Was Killed by This Rogue Flying Buzzsaw Blade. Let Me Repeat That: Buzz. Saw. Blade.

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The "Blizzardmobile" is the Next Reason We Can Safely Say Don Lemon is CNN's Greatest Joke

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This is Easily the Saddest Mugshot Ever

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