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WTF of the Day: Woman Hijacks Handicapped Parking Spot, Leaves Nasty Note for Amputee

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Citizen's Arrest, South African Style

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Fox News Hits a New Low, Asks Why a Muslim Scholar Would Want to Write a Book About Jesus

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Saying, "Now Back to the News With Daddy" Doesn't Have a Professional Ring to it

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Happy Birthday (HURK)

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CNN: The ISIS of Decent Reporting

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Outrage of the Day: Utah City Orders Takedown of Kid’s Cardboard Fort

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After a Woman Steals a Texas News Reporter's Credit Card, She Was Busted By Him On TV

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This is the Man Arrested for Assaulting His Wife With a Chicken Sandwich

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Engaging Headline FAIL

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Giving a Live Alligator to a News Anchor Was Only Going to End in One Or Both Freaking Out

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Kids Have Done the Darndest Things on the News

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Gotta Love the Old "Accidental Dong Joke" News Blooper

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Call Off the Search!

news totally looks like coincidence - 8218269952
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You Can Feel the Embarrassment When One News Anchors Rejects Her Coworker's Awkward Advance Live on TV

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au natural news drugs Probably bad News Video - 69365505

Don't Do Drugs, Kids: This Man's Crazy, Pantsless Rampage is All the Evidence You Need

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