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news fox news FAIL race TV Video - 75574273

Watch Two Fox Pundits Square Off in a Shouting Match After One Blames 'Black Culture' For Recent Incidents

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Bonus Points for Determination

news cars Probably bad News funny - 7718471424
Via New Jersey

"Employee of the Month" is a Position Worthy of Jealousy at This Wal-Mart

Probably bad News news wal mart - 7960520960
Via CBS Miami
news uproxx funny Video fail nation g rated - 55023105

This Baboon is Going to Need a Long Talk With Human Resources After This Gaffe

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Yeah, the Snow Might Be a Little Heavy

news snow closed winter - 6907301376
Via Reddit
news wtf detroit right in the crotch Video - 73966593

Detroit Chill, There is No Need to Shoot a 60 Year Old Man in the Crotch for a Bag Chips

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Deadmau5 musician has a random, funny encounter with Nicolas Cage and it's our favorite moment of 2017 to date.

Deadmau5 Tweets Bizarre Encounter With Nicolas Cage and It Kickstarts an Epic Photoshop Battle

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Not Wrongfully Convicted of Having an Awesome Name Though

Via noyouretaken

Glad I Missed It FAIL

news headline oh god why Probably bad News - 6823825664
By Unknown
news florida shark Probably bad News Video - 71710721

Someone Tried to Sell a Live Shark Outside of a Grocery Store in Florida

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On-Air Blooper photobomb news Video - 71064065

The Best News-Bombs of the Past 10 Years, All in One Video!

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news FAIL sketch Video police - 76922113

We've Got a New Contender For the World's Worst Police Sketch

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911 news goat Video fail nation - 49496065

Hello, 911? This is Goat.

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lgbtq news what fail nation - 61417473

This Texas Restaurant is Going to Get a Rude Awakening Regarding Their Views on Customers' Behavior

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On-Air Blooper news Video - 65678337

She Thought the Microphones Were Off When She Made This Insult. Whoops.

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news Video zombie - 41838337

Zombie Recovery FAIL

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