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Political Mud-Slinging is the Norm These Days, but This Challenger is Claiming That the Incumbent is a Political Body Double

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New York Mayoral Hopeful Anthony Weiner is in Trouble Again!

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Somebody Accidentally Put This Kid on Spin Cycle

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Brilliant Scheme FAIL

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The Times New War Has Begun

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Federico's Wants to Offer Some of the Hair of the Dog That Bit You... In the Butt

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Reporting FAIL

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Watch Stephen Colbert Take a Moment to Congratulate Russia on Winning the Cold War

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The Snow is Falling, and So Are All These News Reporters

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So, How in the World Did This Painter Get His Dude-Bits Stuck in a Pipe for Two Whole Days?

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Is That Really the Most Pertinent Information?

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John McCain Gets Caught Playing iPhone Poker During a Hearing, and His Face Says it All

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This Teen Was Kicked Out of Prom for The Dumbest Possible Reason

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Taking One For the Team FAIL

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Crotch Blowouts Can Happen to Anyone at Any Time

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Zombie Recovery FAIL

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