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Apology of the Day: S.C. College Sorry for Giving Kids ‘Happy Pills’

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2015 Was a Great Year For Weather Report Bloopers

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Deposit Denied

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Hey, That's Kathleen's Business Only

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A Teen Drunk Went on a Drunken Rampage to do What Teens do Best: Eat Hot Pockets

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Least-Credible News Source of the Day: Somehow Not the Onion, Says Poll

poll finds that the onion is more credible than alex jones infowars
Via Morning Consult
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This is Like, Totally the Most Radical Surfing Interview, Bro

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Taking One For the Team FAIL

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Weapons of Mass Inflation

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On-Air Blooper news drugs Probably bad News Video - 67439105

Blooper of the Day: BBC Reporter Accidentally Gets High on Camera

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Might've Wanted to Save One of Those Stories Until Tomorrow...

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Watch as Professional Newscasters Crack Up on Air After Seeing Some Big Boar Balls

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Ouch Ouch Ouch FAIL

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By Unknown

Meanwhile, in the Boiling City

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Can We Get a Designated Stander?

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Anything But the Dairy!

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