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This Commenter on TV is Every Student Who Got Caught BS-ing Their Source Page For a School Report

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Houston Residents Believe They've Found a Real Chupacabra, but Check for Yourself

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In a Shocking Twist, This Reptile Wasn't Wandering Around a Florida Strip Mall

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We Go Live Now to Our Potty-Mouthed Reporter on the Scene

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Only in America Could an Accidental Refill Cost You Your Job

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One if by Land Two if by Sea!

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Staying Put FAIL

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News Broadcast FAIL

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This Arson Victim Solves the Case on Live TV and Wait, What Did She Say the Reason Was?

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The Best Weiner Headline We've Seen Yet

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Santa Claus Here Wanted to Pay His Ex-Wife a Visit Through the Chimney

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The News Bloopers of April!

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The EPA Hits New Lows as Reports Surface of Employees Literally Leaving a Dump in the Hallway

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News Happens Every Day, and So Do Mistakes

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There's Gold in the Tapwater, but That's a Problem for These Montanans

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Outrage of the Day: Utah City Orders Takedown of Kid’s Cardboard Fort

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