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FOX News's Shepard Smith Has Maybe the Worst Speculation on the Death of Robin Williams

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This is Why the Justice System is Broken

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Via Telegraph

Probably Bad News: So Close

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It's Not a Holster

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Via The Smoking Gun

The Yankees Really Stood for Justice and Equality in Unjust Times

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They're Moving Back to "Cap Classic" Now

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Always Proofread

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CNN's Don Lemon Has No Idea What Automatic Weapons Are, Wants to Talk About Them Anyway

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Confusing a Car and a Spaceship, Just Another Day in the Neighborhood

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Blooper of the Day: BBC Reporter Accidentally Gets High on Camera

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A Library in Florida is Asking Patrons to Bring Umbrellas for the Hawks, Not the Weather

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Too Soon to Look for New Help?

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One if by Land Two if by Sea!

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German News Takes the North Korean Situation Quite Seriously

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This CNN Contributor Maybe Doesn't Quite Understand the Mechanics of Conception and Birth

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Meet the Criminal Who Had the Honesty to Put Down "Drug Dealer" as His Occupation

Via NBC Miami
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