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In Something Out of a Bad Mystery Novel, a Bird Helps Identify a Murder Suspect

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The EPA Hits New Lows as Reports Surface of Employees Literally Leaving a Dump in the Hallway

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Probably Bad News: You'll Be Hearing From His Lawyer, Frosty

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Sorry, That's Supposed to be d*ck

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Fair Trade FAIL

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Making it Easy for the Cops FAIL

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Detroit Chill, There is No Need to Shoot a 60 Year Old Man in the Crotch for a Bag Chips

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The Location of This Story is Really What Makes it Perfect

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Fight Poison With Poison!

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Hurricane Reporting FAILs

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Sexy Sports Presenter Teases Then Lowers Shorts to Reveal Daring Tattoo Fail

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People Say the Darndest Things on Camera, Especially This Guy

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That Old Outlaw John Wayne, at it Again

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Engaging Headline FAIL

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Might've Wanted to Save One of Those Stories Until Tomorrow...

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Bjorn The Reindeer Secures A Spot On The Naughty List With His Latest Jailbreak

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