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news drugs rap - 67930369

Debate of the Day: Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Argue About Legalizing Marijuana

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Stick With Your Strengths, Right?

news whoops headline accidental sexy - 7374921728
Via Criggo

The "Blizzardmobile" is the Next Reason We Can Safely Say Don Lemon is CNN's Greatest Joke

news cnn facepalm new york Probably bad News - 8436385792
Via Talking Points Memo
news facepalm spying fail nation - 70660

This American Spy Satellite is Not at All Subtle. Check That Logo.

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It Was a Big Day for Jason

news Probably bad News funny g rated fail nation - 7901165056
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james corden news honesty funny - 84798977

James Corden Reads off Actual News Headlines, and Perfectly Follows Them up With What They're Really Trying to Say

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Just Look at the Name of This Florida Convict and Tell Yourself Florida Isn't the Best/Worst

Criminally Dumb Criminal news florida name fail nation - 8218316544
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Shoplifting is One Thing, but Why'd You Have to Go and Make Poop Happen?

news poop gross Probably bad News - 8415666688
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People Magazine Accidentally Published Their Obituary of Kirk Douglas... While Douglas is Still Alive

news whoops obituary celeb Probably bad News g rated fail nation - 8391331328
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news what Video - 60957953

A Man in a Stolen Truck Claiming to be God Went Nuts and Rammed a Building. Just One of Those Days, Right?

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russia news what Video - 70950913

Russia is Training Navy Seals for Their Special Forces. No, Like, Actual Seals.

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Probably bad News news Video - 59473409

The Rest of the Neighborhood Doesn't Appreciate These Bathroom Decorations

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Premature Celebration FAIL

news whoops lottery Probably bad News fail nation - 7073368832
By G-Unit1111 (Via MSN)

This is What Texan Weather Reporters Are Warning About During Their "Ice Storm"

storm news ice texas fail nation g rated - 8020981248
By Unknown

Vote With Your Dollar, Right?

news Probably bad News irony funny - 7921894400
By Unknown
news professional FAIL live tv Video - 82153729

You Can Feel the Embarrassment When One News Anchors Rejects Her Coworker's Awkward Advance Live on TV

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