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Mouse Trap FAIL

gifs whoops right in the crotch nut shot prank - 6727721472
Created by Unknown

Wedding Pics FAIL

collapse dock gifs lake wedding - 6373142784
Created by Unknown

This FAIL is Straight Out of Looney Tunes

ouch whoops bad idea gifs fail nation g rated - 8063435008
Created by Unknown

The Almost Perfect Crime

ouch FAIL gifs gas crime fail nation - 7410911232
Created by Unknown

Bonus Points for Collateral Damage!

bike gifs ouch - 8082274048
Created by Unknown

Mantis Attack! FAIL

baseball gifs - 6491209472
Created by Unknown

Playing Heads Up Hockey FAIL

gifs hockey NHL right in the face sports - 5612665856
Created by linkrox

When You Realize It's Not Friday, But Thursday

funny fail gif trying to get into the wrong car
Via snotbag_pukebucket

Overshooting It FAIL

crash falling gifs motorcycle - 5559422464
Created by Unknown

Future Generations Will Feel That Shot

ouch gifs baseball right in the crotch - 8193416448
Via lunescence

Getting Out of The Way FAIL

fail nation falling gifs g rated photography - 5532203776
Created by Unknown

The Catch That Got Away

fishing gifs whale - 8063431424
Via Sploid

There is No Way These Guys Thought This Would Work

gifs cars crash fail nation - 8185656576
Via Major_Frank_Burns

Sweet Flip FAIL

flip gifs jump ouch playground whiff - 6576887552
Created by Unknown

The Concussion-Whirl is My Favorite Ride!

ouch gifs amusement park - 8403502336
Via Brown Cardigan

Every Male's Teenage Years in GIF Form

fap gifs sexy times - 8121958656
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