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On the Bright Side, No Need to Get That Vasectomy Anymore!

ouch gifs dude parts right in the crotch fail nation g rated - 8363318272
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Flag Burning FAIL

fire gasoline gifs Hall of Fame - 6378689792
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That Glass Must be So Clean!

door whoops gifs fail nation g rated - 8383396608
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Back Flip FAIL

diving board gifs swimming pool - 6378743552
By Unknown

A Gentleman's Sport FAIL

gifs - 6345714176
By Unknown

When One Wins, Another Loses

ouch FAILS gifs water funny - 7414704384
By Unknown

Look Both Ways Before You Jump

ouch FAIL jump gifs skateboard - 6980924928
By Iron-man01

Escalator FAIL

escalators gifs Planking - 6356223232
By Unknown

Your Birthday Present is Pure Disappointment!

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Impressing Yourself FAIL

dancing fail nation falling gifs g rated Hall of Fame ouch - 5954606848
By Unknown

Don't Dog And Drive

dogs sled FAIL gifs snow - 6944571136
By ToolBee

Classic Watermelon FAIL

classic gifs headshot ouch - 5714852608
By Unknown

Pipe-Cutting FAIL

gifs explosion - 6770364928
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Cliff Jumping FAIL

gifs lake rocks - 6277095680
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Never. Look. Down.

ladder gifs heights dangerous fail nation g rated - 8426976000
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Douche Bag FAIL

gifs interview windy - 6138449664
By Unknown