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Speedbump FAIL

ouch gifs motorcycle - 6851264512
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Road Rage FAIL

car accident gifs motorcycle road rage - 6469089280
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This is Why You Should Always Read the Instructions on Your New Toys Kids

Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
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Seacrest High-Fiving a Blind Guy FAIL

American Idol blind gifs high five - 6257746176
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You Can Let Go Now, Rope

ouch rope gifs summer g rated fail nation - 8303394304
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Classic: No More Beach Fun for You

ouch gifs beach - 8121978112
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This is Why Adults Can't Ride These Things

FAIL gifs - 8574809856
Created by anselmbe

I Do The Same Thing When I Rollerskate FAIL

gifs Grand Theft Auto video games - 5435913728
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Hammock FAIL

falling gifs hammock ouch - 5953459200
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Look Both Ways Before You Jump

ouch FAIL jump gifs skateboard - 6980924928
Created by Iron-man01

High Five FAIL

high five gifs sports basketball accident whoops dunk - 6653744384
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No Hands, No Problems!

gifs motorcycle ouch g rated fail nation - 8342825472
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Not Sure This is the Kind of Leg-Wobbling Lap Dance He Wanted

funny fail gif stripper gives lap dance that break chair legs
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Dive on In!

ouch bad idea gifs fail nation g rated - 8417183744
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Hopping Over a Wall FAIL

gifs painful - 6440699648
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