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Following the Leader FAIL

baseball gifs Hall of Fame mascot - 6348299776
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This Isn't a Library

wtf FAIL gifs books library working out - 7138299392
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Sports FAILure: Pretty Much Everything About Penn State Football Right Now

children football gifs Jerry Sandusky pedobear penn state sports - 5443781632
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Traction Control FAIL

cars crash gifs slippery - 6108619520
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FAIL gifs reaction jumping - 81848321

Everyone Knows You're a Terrible Boyfriend The Moment You Just Nonchalantly Let Your Girl Fall

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Access Denied FAIL

fail nation gifs g rated headshot ouch - 5975871488
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Exercising Your Ball Off FAIL

falling gifs - 5409025792
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Closing Your Hands FAIL

gifs headshot ouch television - 5773255936
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Ball, Meet Balls

baseball gifs right in the crotch ouch - 8337414144
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Cruising into Second Like Welp

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Using the Toilet FAIL

gifs public restroom spiders toilet - 6414520064
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2 Fewer Jerks On The Road FAIL

cars crash drag racing gifs Hall of Fame - 5497295104
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Worst Possible Outcome FAIL

friends gifs headshot ouch - 6048518400
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Uni-Wheel Segways Are the Future (of Pain)

ouch gifs segway fail nation g rated - 8278866688
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Putting on a Hat FAIL

fail nation football g rated gifs hat nfl - 6508140288
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The Almost Perfect Crime

ouch FAIL gifs gas crime fail nation - 7410911232
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