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And That's Why You Don't Kick a Man While He's Down

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Lifting Plates, Lifting Weights!

gym workout gifs youre-doing-it-wrong fail nation g rated - 8206234624
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How To FAIL The Big Game

football gifs sports the Big Game - 5795951616
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Bus Ride Bounce

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Hugging the Wrong Guy FAIL

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Scooting Into Painful Territory

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Mascot FAIL

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He's Learned That Having Dreams Can Disappoint Fast

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Chair Dive FAIL

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Record Attempt Fail

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Sports FAILure: I'm Sure Number 8 Accidentally Kicked It Straight Into His Face

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Señor Gif: Log Truck FAIL

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Cruising into Second Like Welp

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Sweet Curveball FAIL

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The Greatest Threat Abroad: Rogue Tires

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Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

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