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Another Day at the Diving Range

sports golf whoops gifs - 8422711040
By beernbiccies

Making An Entrance FAIL

camera concert crane crash gifs headshot Stage - 5464762112
By Unknown

Merry FAILmas and a Crappy New Year

christmas fail nation gifs g rated Hall of Fame holidays snow winter - 5553209856
Via Visual Stimulation

Instant Karma FAIL

bikini falling gifs karma - 6091514112
By Unknown

Drifting Fail

FAIL gifs jo38ma3 - 7303207424
By Unknown

Poppin' Bottles FAIL

bottles gifs - 6272703744
Via Bits & Pieces

That's What You Get for Being on Your Phone!

ouch gifs phone - 8380273664
Via Bits and Pieces

"This Isn't the Men's Room"

gifs - 6371687424
By Unknown

It's Got Quite a Kick

Via CityCaption

This Long Jump is Off the Charts

funny fail gif blind long jump is off the charts
Via blkdrt

How The Tables Have Turned FAIL

gifs Hall of Fame robbery stupid criminals - 5985803264
By Unknown

Spot the Person With No Rhythm!

Music gifs fail nation - 8378055680
Via DaPandaMan

Now THAT's a B!tch Slap FAIL

dogs gifs Hall of Fame slap - 6488009984
By Unknown

Congrats on Never Being a Father Again!

basketball gifs sports g rated fail nation - 8224854016
Via Sofa Pizza

Playing Heads Up Hockey FAIL

gifs hockey NHL right in the face sports - 5612665856
By linkrox

Man Vs. Escalator FAIL

gifs drunk escalator - 6767657472
By Unknown
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