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Classic: The Hero We Deserve FAIL

gifs scared batman classic - 6656449536
By Unknown

Meet FAILem-O

falling gifs kids ouch - 5594074112
By atomicvibestudio


ouch gifs fail nation - 8309214720
Via Sofa Pizza

You Thought You Beat the Prank? NOPE.

gifs ouch prank - 8334263296
Via kdanson


bicycle crash gifs ramp - 6297439488
By Unknown

Every Possible FAIL

fail nation falling gifs ouch skateboard - 5582534912
By Unknown

Free Hat FAIL

hat free stuff gifs sports - 6681699840
By Unknown

Well, She *Was* on a Boat

funny fail gif girl falls off boat into ocean
Via 5ZIE

Feeding the Animals FAIL

gifs ostrich - 6129648896
By Unknown

This Prank Backfired

ouch gifs shelf prank - 7039966464
By Unknown

F**king Mondays

Via Giphy

Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

ouch skateboarding gifs right in the face - 8185657856
Via MarkovManiac

Be Careful Around the Guy With His Hand in an Animal's Mouth

Via Ze-skywalker

Son, Stairs Are Disappoint

GIF of kid falling down the stairs.
By Unknown

Feel Free to Provide Your Own Bass Sounds

gymnastics gifs g rated fail nation - 8259814656
Via TheFlyHater

Showing Off Your Moves Double FAIL

dancing fail nation falling gifs g rated ouch - 5796955648
By Unknown
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