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Parkour Maybe Isn't for You

ouch parkour gifs right in the crotch - 8370716928
Created by beernbiccies

Bedroom Acrobatics FAIL

flip gifs - 5778288896
Created by Unknown

There's an Allegory About Male Puberty in Here Somewhere

gifs karma ouch - 8162498048
Via Viral Nova

It's Got Quite a Kick

Via CityCaption

Classic: The Hero We Deserve FAIL

gifs scared batman classic - 6656449536
Created by Unknown

The Moment Everything Falls Apart

Via Deesossk

Segway FAIL

ouch gifs segway - 6978643200
Created by Unknown

Wrong Type of Lake FAIL

falling gifs ice skating ouch sports wtf - 5554456320
Created by Unknown

Way to Stick the Landing!

gifs waterslide ouch whee - 8340105472
Via Guts_D

Stage Dive FAIL

gifs Music - 6881624320
Created by Unknown

Crush Those Balls for AMERICA

Via distinguishedbaloney

I Can't Believe He Got Up and Walked Away! FAIL

gifs - 6157067520
Created by Unknown

Poppin' Bottles FAIL

bottles gifs - 6272703744
Via Bits & Pieces

Is This More Fun or Painful?

gifs ouch skiing whee g rated fail nation - 8167392768
Via zhfrench

Who Wants Cake? FAIL

cake gifs swimming pool table - 6440658944
Created by Unknown

Not Surprising FAIL

fall gifs ladder workout - 5912183552
Created by Unknown
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