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Escalator FAIL

escalators gifs Planking - 6356223232
By Unknown

Teammate Celebration FAIL

gifs hockey mean sports - 5800676608
By Unknown

Confirmed, Basic Laws of Circuits Still Apply

electricity gifs duh ouch g rated fail nation - 8340936448
Via I_love_moo

Poppin' Bottles FAIL

bottles gifs - 6272703744
Via Bits & Pieces

Never Trust a Llama

llama gifs gross - 8186779904

Equal and Opposite Reaction, in One GIF

Via Bits and Pieces

Copycat FAIL

escalator falling gifs wheelchairs - 6368869888
Via Reddit

Hold on to That Wheelchair for Later

ouch gifs wheelchair fail nation g rated - 8394173440
Via hell_in_a_cell

Classic Watermelon FAIL

classic gifs headshot ouch - 5714852608
By Unknown

Wedding Pics FAIL

collapse dock gifs lake wedding - 6373142784
By Unknown

The Department Store is Still Not a Good Place to Practice Your Craft

dancing gifs ouch g rated fail nation - 8355339008
Via Senor GIF

Blaming The Cat FAIL

animals fail nation gifs g rated Hall of Fame ouch working out - 5797580544
By Unknown

Spider Attack! FAIL

fail nation g rated gifs news spider - 6423025152
By Unknown

Señor Gif: You Okay, Bro?

bro FAIL flip gifs ouch - 6577798400
By meganeguard

Flip The Wall

FAIL gifs whoops trampolines - 7256215552
By Unknown

Careful, You Don't Wanna End Up in a Wheelchair...

ouch FAILS gifs wheelchairs - 7380171264
By Unknown
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