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The First Escalator in Uzbekistan is Causing Some Issues

ouch gif escalators fail nation - 7954096640

When Your Date Night Attempt Goes Up in Smoke

Via Rbsy

How to Train Your (Komodo) Dragon

gif funny oh Japan fail nation g rated - 7910003712

What is This Fish Made of, Titanium?

Via drbatookhan

Face, Meet Lawn

gif funny prank - 7899463168

Physics Does Not Favor the Bold

ouch gif wheelchair funny fail nation - 7643546624

Such Grace, Such Beauty

ouch gif gymnastics funny - 7740959744

Turn Away, This Accident is too Awful to Watch!

cars drunk gif - 7984825600

But it IS a Backflop WIN

gif boating backflip funny - 7646162176

Confirmation, We Have Derp-off

gif whoops funny - 7788172032

Does Your Gym Look Like This After New Year's?

gif gym ouch - 7983622656

This Was Supposed to be a Simple Training Exercise!

golf gif funny right in the crotch ouch g rated fail nation - 7908515072

That's Not How Trust Works

gif trust fall funny fail nation g rated - 7879927552

That Wasn't Very Bright

gif FAIL lamp classic - 8754362880
Created by tamaleknight

A Breach of Trust

ouch gif trust fall funny - 7707528704

This is Not a Shortcut Down the Stairs

ouch gif right in the crotch funny fail nation g rated - 7586344704

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