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Indigestion is the Worst

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I Never Liked That Ski Anyway

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Turn Away, This Accident is too Awful to Watch!

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Trash Can: 1. Child: 0.

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Pay Attention to Those Lineman for a Second

football gif funny whoops - 7924568320

The Awkwardness Here is Palpable

gif Awkward high five funny - 7892614656

Such Grace, Such Beauty

ouch gif gymnastics funny - 7740959744

Thiiiiis Close to Catching It

Via Giphy

Do We Have the Speed Bump Repellent, Batman?

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Some People Weren't Born to Twerk

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Tortoise Flip

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He Will Have a 6-Pack Neck Soon Though, Right?

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Mind the Traffic Laws, and the Signs too

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The McFlip FAIL

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The Map Says to Follow That Rock to the Faceplant

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Bad Ideas 101

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