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That Wasn't Very Bright

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Assuming Your Affection is Better Than Freedom

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Does Your Gym Look Like This After New Year's?

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Trying to Use Your At-Home Gym Like

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Try Not to Wince at This Acrobatic Trick Gone Wrong

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The Parking Mechanisms on Segways are Terrible

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Rub a Dub Dub, Three Cops in a tub

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How to be a Jerk to a Cow in One Easy GIF

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Wheels Up, Wheels Down, Wheels into the Ground

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Instant Karmic Feedback

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Should Have Pogo Stuck the Landing


Bullseye... Sort of

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Welp, You Blew That Prank

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Time to Recycle This Idea, Hot Rod

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He Will Have a 6-Pack Neck Soon Though, Right?

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Cool, Refreshing FAIL

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