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No Pain, No Gain, No Thank You

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All Things Considered, it Could go Worse

gif unicycle funny fail nation g rated - 7847968512

No Children For You Anytime Soon!

ouch gif right in the crotch funny - 7486751744

Indigestion is the Worst

gif sports football funny fail nation - 7836870912

Disregard Traffic Entirely, It's What the Cool Kids Do

gif genius funny traffic fail nation g rated - 7757987328

Happy Birthday! OMG

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Photobombing Gone Awry

ice gif ouch photobomb g rated fail nation - 7980594688

False Start

gif ouch skiing - 7991192576

At Attention FAIL

ouch gif military - 7296047872

That Feel When You're Just Trying to Make it Through the Week

There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.

The Fastest Way to Get a Closer Look at the Ground

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His Hand Isn't the Thing That's Supposed to be Breaking Here

gif ouch martial arts - 7963992576

Double-Twisting Layout to Pancake

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Trash Can: 1. Child: 0.

ouch gif brothers - 7246336512

You Kneed to Back up

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