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Beautiful Composition on This Shot

gif movies james bond blooper funny - 7907316224
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Taking the National Anthem From FAIL to Patriotic

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Roses are Red and All Over Your Head

gif FAIL flowers truck - 8807392768
Created by tamaleknight

The Dangers of Frying Your Turkey

gif whoops cooking thanksgiving Turkey funny - 7921865216

A Rare Screw-Up in a Marine Drill

gif whoops military - 7936932608

Poseidon is a Vengeful God

ouch gif beach funny fail nation g rated - 7854835968

Hardwood Floor Faceplant

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Photobombing Gone Awry

ice gif ouch photobomb g rated fail nation - 7980594688

You're Gonna Miss That Cup When It's Gone

ouch gif FAIL right in the face - 8507121920
Created by tamaleknight

What Did You Expect to Happen?

ouch gif escalator temporarily stairs - 7361293568

Trying to Lean Into the Weekend on Thursday

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Just Helping/Hanging Out

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When You're Packaging isn't as Clever as Your Product

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This Was Supposed to be a Simple Training Exercise!

golf gif funny right in the crotch ouch g rated fail nation - 7908515072

How To Get Whiplash on the High Bar

gif FAIL gymnastics - 8576954112
Created by tamaleknight

Weebles on wheels Wobble But DOn't Fall

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