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Taking the Corner a Little too Fast

crash gif whee skating - 7983607808
By Unknown

Hurdling FAIL

ouch gif right in the crotch funny - 7749504256
By Unknown

Don't Tell Her the Odds

gif escalator facepalm temporarily stairs funny - 7874574848
By Unknown

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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I've Made a Huge Mistake

gif Cats funny fail nation g rated - 7854838784
By Unknown

Peace Out, Highway!

gif cars what driving - 7752387328
Via Lansing State Journal

Car Flop!

cars gif pool g rated fail nation - 8015435520
By Unknown

Right When You Drop Your Expectations... BOOM!

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How To Tell Your Friend Isn’t A Genius

gif FAIL fence - 8510118400
By kacerosky (Via Jason Starkes)

This is All Part of the Routine, Right?

ouch dancing gif fail nation g rated - 7374845440
By Unknown

Time to Leaf Mountain Biking to Someone Else

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When You Set Your Cat Up to Chill But They're Having None of It

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Vending Out the OUCH

gif flip ouch stunt - 7952295680
By Unknown

Not Everyone Can Handle the Car Wash

gif cars car wash funny fail nation g rated - 7586345216
By Unknown

Cruising Into That 3-Day Weekend

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When Your Resume FAILs, Don't Try Chair Stunts