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Pole Vault FAIL

ouch gif sports pole vault - 7361292800

You're Gonna Miss That Cup When It's Gone

ouch gif FAIL right in the face - 8507121920
Created by tamaleknight

Up, Up, Over, and In

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Cool, Refreshing FAIL

gif sports water bottle funny - 7843333888


ouch parkour gif funny - 7592422144

The Leaning Tree Will Not Be Ignored!

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Rolling in the FAILs

ouch gif obstacle course faceplant - 8530894848
Created by DeadHorse222

Gotta Practice For Dancing on the Bar

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That's a Wedgie That Will Never Fade Away

ouch gif wedgie funny - 7702218240

Just a Little Love Tap, Sir

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Pay Attention to Those Lineman for a Second

football gif funny whoops - 7924568320

Christmas Morning Photos are Hard Before Coffee

When Your Futuristic Hoverboard FAILs

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So Close, so Close!

ouch gif biking funny - 7511193344

On Sunday Night When It Hits You Tomorrow is Monday

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Freerun Right into a FAIL

ouch parkour gif funny - 7749497856