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When the Tree Punches Back

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On Sunday Night When It Hits You Tomorrow is Monday

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Beautiful Composition on This Shot

gif movies james bond blooper funny - 7907316224
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His Hand Isn't the Thing That's Supposed to be Breaking Here

gif ouch martial arts - 7963992576
By Unknown

For the Record: Not a Legal Move

ouch gif uproxx funny - 7863753216
Via Uproxx

Fancy Camera Technology Won't Stop This FAIL

gif sports camera segway - 7117229568
By Unknown

That Wasn't Very Bright

gif FAIL lamp classic - 8754362880
By tamaleknight

Never pass on the Right

gif facepalm cars driving funny - 7797857792
By Unknown

Welp, You Blew That Prank

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Well That's Two Less Balls in the Count

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This is the Look of Total Heartbreak

Dominoes gif fail nation g rated funny - 7456820480
By Unknown


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Nap Time isn't Over

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Summer FAILing, Had Me a Blast

gif summer beach funny - 7515493376
By Unknown

The Moment You Realize Your Argument Is Weak

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Off the Bank!

ouch gif sports basketball funny - 7722804992
By Unknown
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