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Achieving That Safe Distance

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The McFlip FAIL

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The First Escalator in Uzbekistan is Causing Some Issues

ouch gif escalators fail nation - 7954096640
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A Shoryuken Gone Very Wrong

ouch gif bad idea fire funny fail nation - 7670575104
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Guess He Was Hungry For a Big Bite of Sand

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The Classic Double-Fakeout

gif chairs prank - 8031861248
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Some People Have to Learn Physics the Hard Way

gif scooter ouch - 8007930368
Created by Unknown

A Breach of Trust

ouch gif trust fall funny - 7707528704
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Summer FAILing, Had Me a Blast

gif summer beach funny - 7515493376
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This Was Supposed to be a Simple Training Exercise!

golf gif funny right in the crotch ouch g rated fail nation - 7908515072
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Fly Free... Oh No

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Tarzan King of the FAIL

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Up, Up, Over, and In

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Sorry, This is Not a "White Snake" Video

ouch gif cars car wash bewbs fail nation g rated - 7495270144
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Ostrich Impression FAIL

ouch gif beach fail nation g rated - 7387848960
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Weebles on wheels Wobble But DOn't Fall

Via Kerah
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