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Guess He Was Hungry For a Big Bite of Sand

Via GageButler

How to be a Jerk to a Cow in One Easy GIF

gif cars funny cows - 7795938816
By Unknown

All Things Considered, it Could go Worse

gif unicycle funny fail nation g rated - 7847968512
By Unknown

Rob Ford is the Politician That Keeps on Giving (the FAIL)

gif uproxx rob ford funny g rated fail nation - 7907311616
Via Uproxx

The Fastest Way to Get a Closer Look at the Ground

Via SchoolOfEckyThump

The Rare "Boomerang Bottle"

ouch gif - 7498398208
By Unknown

Tortoise Flip

Via sushicookie

Putting Too Much Into the Punch and Not the Landing

Via JimM85

Assuming Your Affection is Better Than Freedom

Via timtin

Tarzan's Hard Beginnings


Happy Birthda-GHWARGL

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By Unknown

He Will Have a 6-Pack Neck Soon Though, Right?

Via leeloo89

Nailing it On the Uneven Bars

gif sports gymnastics Nailed It - 7117153792
By Unknown

The Hurdle of Pain

gif ouch sports - 7991185920
By Unknown

This is the Look of Total Heartbreak

Dominoes gif fail nation g rated funny - 7456820480
By Unknown

This Fish Was Born Free

ouch gif fishing sports funny fail nation g rated americana - 7515537920
By Unknown
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