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Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

Turtle for Sale After Failed Prom Proposal

Craigslist ad of a turtle for sale that someone wrote PROM? on in order to ask a girl out but it didn't work.
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The Worst

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Reading This Online Dating Story Will Have You Rubbernecking At Someone Else's Car-Wreck of a Love Story

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I Own a Darth Vader Mask

heavy breathing turn on twitter
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Funny moments from the Tinder dating app.

23 Crazy Tinder Moments That'll Kill Your Faith In Humanity

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Sports & Marriage

funny twitter image Sports & Marriage
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Sending Texts To Your Ex Can Be Adele-icate Subject

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Chinese Couple Floods the Street with Awkwardness as a Dude Begs for Second Chance

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They Saying is 'Love is Blind' Not Totally Oblivious To a Robbery in Progress

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Girl on Tinder goes psycho on a guy

Guy's Psycho Tinder Match Makes Crazy Look Sane

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Kinda Harsh When Her Husband Made Some Simple Geography Mistakes, This Wife Wasn't Surprised

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Things Get Awkward When a Facebook Account Is Compromised and One "Friend" Tries Asking His Friend's Crush out

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A collection of tweets describing Twitter users' worst dates they've ever been on | Conor Horgan @ConorHorgan Replying mrnickharvey very first thing she did on sitting down take out small glass bottle and started spooning syrupy liquid into her mouth Homeopathy lasked, heart sinking No powerful sedative-hypnotic drug she replied If don't take l'd be hysterical right now.

Twitter Users' Worst Dates Ever

Just plain bad.
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Creepy Nandos Guy Sends Texts So Cringeworthy Your Face Might Cramp Up

Hopeless Romantic Sends Texts So Cringeworthy Your Cheeks Might Cramp Up
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Cringey posts that were meant to be deep from social media, teenagers, love, depression, heartbreak, sadness | seven years old my teacher told most COlorful insectS were also most venomous ones and ffteen years old looked into blue eyes and realized She had been right all along. | Fake is new real and don't fit THE CLASSY PEOPLE

Exquisitely Cringey Posts That Were Meant To Be Deep

This is so sad.
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Whatever Your Worst Kiss Was, It's Got Nothing on This Awkward Contest on "Love At First Kiss"

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