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bad idea

Thanks for the Free Bike!

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Because Everything Good in Life Came Out of an RV

bad idea seems legit tattoos - 8255587840
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ouch bad idea helicopter Video - 57898497

Note to Self: Know How to Fly a Helicopter Before Attempting to Fly a Helicopter

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If You Want to See Your Barista Rage Out (or Give Yourself a Heart Attack) Then Please Order This Drink

bad idea coffee Starbucks twitter fail nation - 8203677696

How Well Done do You Want Those Frozen Burritos?

bad idea for sale microwave - 8403519488
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bad idea twerking cars Video fail nation g rated - 68060417

You Have Been Charged With Twerking From a Moving Vehicle, How do You Plead?

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jet ski bad idea facepalm van Video - 70888705

Loading Up Your Jet Ski? Just Drive the Van into the Water!

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bad idea facepalm wedding dress Video - 71092993

Brides Are Starting a New Trend of "Trashing the Dress." Pro Tip: Don't "Trash the Dress" by Jumping Off a Boat

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news bad idea drunk Probably bad News Video - 69856513

A Drunk in San Diego Decides to Take a Nap on I-805

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Didn't Think That One Through, Did You?

whoops bad idea gifs facepalm g rated fail nation - 8350128640
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Some Cars Come Off the Line Pre-Wrecked

bad idea cars accident waiting to happen - 8135387136
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bad idea lawyer Probably bad News news Video - 71277569

A Colorado Man Used a Stuffed Owl Named "Solomon" as His Defense Attorney. It Was Not a Hoot.

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russia guns bad idea oh god why Video fail nation - 68772097

Never Ever Try This at Home: Brave (Crazy) Russians Test Out a Bulletproof Helmet

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bad idea cars accident waiting to happen Video fail nation g rated - 66302465

The Wheel is Falling Apart, but That's Not Going to Stop This Driver

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bad idea drones Video fail nation g rated - 67556865

Flying a Drone Over LA's Skid Row, Probably Not the Best Idea

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bad idea dash cam Video police - 69693185

No Matter How Bad the Traffic is, Don't Try Gunning it Into the Other Lane

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