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bad idea fire genius funny Video gasoline fail nation - 52988929

A Pool Table and a Bunch of Gasoline, This Should End Well

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On-Air Blooper bad idea Video fail nation - 60892673

When an Aussie Show Presenter Doesn't Know How Nail Guns Work, Things Can Go Very Wrong Very Fast

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They Warned You Not to Feed the Birds!

bad idea birds animals - 8288207104
Via Acid Cow

On the Road Again, and This Time We Have Grandma!

bad idea cars dangerous - 8213782016
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ouch bad idea Video - 61683457

Trust Him, He's a Stuntman!

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bad idea cars dangerous Video - 66111233

It's Terrible for Your Car, but it Saves Gas!

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bad idea truck whee Video - 70134017

Bro, Just Jump Your Truck! What Could go Wrong?

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bad idea Video airplane - 58413313

A Very Drunk Man Nearly Gets Hit by a Very Insane Man. In a Plane.

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Jumping Your Car FAIL

bad idea car DIY driving - 5379946240
Created by Unknown

If Only There Was Some Kind of Larger Vehicle With Which to Transport Things...

bad idea cars special delivery dangerous - 8427724800
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russia guns bad idea oh god why Video fail nation - 68772097

Never Ever Try This at Home: Brave (Crazy) Russians Test Out a Bulletproof Helmet

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You Gotta Dig Deep to Make it Work, Though

bad idea graffiti fail nation g rated - 8147963904
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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

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cars bad idea Video - 62822401

You Aren't Driving a Semi, so Don't Try to Run Away From the Tow Truck

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This Would be a High Crime in Some Countries

lady bits bad idea prank sexy times fail nation - 8333142016
Via Bad Newspaper
bad idea food eating Video - 59560705

No Human Being Should Eat 11 Burgers in One Sitting. Don't Tell This Guy

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