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Merry Christmas, Here's Your Bush

bad idea cars driving - 8387147520
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The 8:30 to Derail-Town is Coming in!

bad idea design engineering train fail nation g rated - 8419534336
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whoops bad idea cars Video - 70003969

He Spent a Year Fixing Up This Car, and Only a Minute to Wreck it All Over Again

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Finishing Yourself Into a Corner

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Because Really, Who Needs to Sleep

sign bad idea fail nation g rated - 8316048128
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ouch bad idea rocket Video - 58105345

One Homemade Rocket Gone Very, Very Wrong

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alligator whoops bad idea truck Video - 71272193

Fail of the Day: Guy in Truck Taunts Gator, Truck Becomes Gator Food

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This Might be a Sign You Need to Grow Up

bad idea playground Probably bad News - 8168347392
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You'll Stay So Dry Until the Inevitable Wreck

bad idea motorcycle dangerous - 8310464256
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It's Hard to Believe, but This is the Face of Meth Who Used Toilet Water to Cool Himself Down

bad idea drugs Probably bad News news - 8306622976
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Fail of the Day: California Man Spray Painted Himself Black to Hide from Police

Via Madera Police Dept.

The Very Picture of Safety

bad idea helmet motorcycle safety dangerous - 8191235328
By beernbiccies
ouch bad idea climbing Video fail nation - 69564929

Rappelling: Just Another Activity That You Probably Shouldn't Try at Home

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cops bad idea motorcycle Video - 66586881

This Biker Gang of Jerks Earns Every Stereotype About Motorcyclists There is

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bad idea tattoos - 8115230976
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bad idea McDonald's food Video - 69520641

Downing Seven Shamrock Shakes is an Ancient Irish St. Patrick's Day Tradition, Right?

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