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bad idea Probably bad News Video military fail nation - 65223425

US Airways Gets Backlash After Refusing to Hang Up the Dress Blues of an Armed Services Member

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bad idea lawyer Probably bad News news Video - 71277569

A Colorado Man Used a Stuffed Owl Named "Solomon" as His Defense Attorney. It Was Not a Hoot.

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The DJ is in for a Real Shock

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cops Criminally Dumb Criminal whoops bad idea Video - 67936257

Threatening an Undercover Cop: Almost as Bad of an Idea as Threatening a Regular Officer

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bad idea riot Video sports soccer - 60744193

Security is, How do You Say... Light... at This Slovakian Soccer Game

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You Thought This Would Work Because... ?

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bad idea jeep cars ice Video fail nation g rated - 58412801

Your Jeep is Cool, but it Can't Ice Skate

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You Gotta Dig Deep to Make it Work, Though

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Still Better Than Texting

bad idea cars driving dangerous - 8007606272
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alaska news bad idea politics - 69264129

Politics of the Day: Don Young Jokes That Wolves Would Fix Homeless Problem

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boom bad idea Video tired Wait For It - 70962689

Let's Just Cut Into This Pressurized Tire and See What Happens...

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They're "Racing Slicks"

cars bad idea dangerous - 8143972352
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ouch whoops bad idea selfie skiing Video - 70002433

"Getting Smacked by a Chairlift" Gets Added to the List of Things That Can Happen While You Take a Selfie

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Merry Christmas, Here's Your Bush

bad idea cars driving - 8387147520
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professional FAIL bad idea spicy pepper Video - 82677761

Watching These Professionals Struggle After Eating a Frankenstein Carolina Reaper is All You Need to See To See You Never Try One Yourself

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It's Not Crazy, It's Cruise Control

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