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Safety First, of Course!

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Stinginess of the Day: Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Tips .03% on a $60 Tab

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Licking a Venus Fly Trap is Exactly as Dumb of an Idea as it Sounds Like

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Putting a Lot of Trust in Your Stream Integrity

bad idea bathroom dude parts gross - 8354317824
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Classic: The Absolute Worst Way to Make a Bonfire

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We're All Out of Our Minds if Anybody Thinks the "Edible Mist Machine" is a Good Idea

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A New AAA Study Shows Us What's Really Getting Teens into Car Accidents: Distraction

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Packed Up and Ready to Go!

bad idea truck special delivery g rated fail nation - 8323522304
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Fail of the Day: Guy in Truck Taunts Gator, Truck Becomes Gator Food

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It Can't be Worse Than Texting, Right?

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And You Thought Bike Riders Were Bad

bad idea driving segway dangerous - 8130162944
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Kid Awkwardly Attempts to Make an SFX Reel, Kid Awkwardly Destroys TV With an Airsoft Gun Instead

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The Man in This Photo is Supposedly 84 Years Old. Let's See if He Can Make it to 85.

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Enjoy Your Health Insurance Premiums, Bro!

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Really? REALLY?

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Let's Have a Drunk Mom Ride This Skateboard, What Could Go Wrong?

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