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bad idea truck whee Video - 70134017

Bro, Just Jump Your Truck! What Could go Wrong?

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Getting Fired on the First Day of the Job

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Better Than Being Outside, Right?

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Merry Christmas, Here's Your Bush

bad idea cars driving - 8387147520
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bad idea fireworks Video - 63472129

Classic: Fireworks Inside? Didn't Mom Say Something About Not Trying This?

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bad idea guns whoops Video - 69870593

Kid Awkwardly Attempts to Make an SFX Reel, Kid Awkwardly Destroys TV With an Airsoft Gun Instead

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bad idea design robots dangerous Video - 66839553

This Convenient Machine Will Tear Toilet Paper for You, and Maybe Your Limbs too

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bad idea oh god why Video kite - 70162689

38 Seconds of Hang Time, 38 Seconds of TOTAL TERROR

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Nice Catch, Palm Tree!

ouch bad idea gifs crash bike - 8443917824
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A Shoryuken Gone Very Wrong

ouch gif bad idea fire funny fail nation - 7670575104
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Putting a Lot of Trust in Your Stream Integrity

bad idea bathroom dude parts gross - 8354317824
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FAIL bad idea swing motorcycle Video - 72343553

It's Always The Dismount That's Trickiest

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Sure, That Will End Well

bad idea dangerous fail nation g rated - 8213791232
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In The States We Call This a Real Fukup

bad idea spelling funny - 7854624768
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OSHA is Not Going to be Happy With This One

ladder bad idea accident waiting to happen dangerous - 8194706688
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cars bad idea Video porsche - 69869825

Why You Never Let a Newbie Drive a Porsche

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