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bad idea

bad idea towing cars Video fail nation g rated - 68061697

Tow Straps TOTALLY Don't Work That Way

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All Your Dreams Just Popped in an Instant

gum bad idea fail nation - 8209146368
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professional FAIL bad idea spicy pepper Video - 82677761

Watching These Professionals Struggle After Eating a Frankenstein Carolina Reaper is All You Need to See To See You Never Try One Yourself

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bad idea parachute oh god why Video - 65474305

This BASE Jumper Attempted a Death-Defying Feat, Nearly Dies in the Process

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Mobile Gaming FAIL

bad idea Hall of Fame video games - 5627733760
By shockwave53

No Safety for Stupid

guns bad idea facepalm safety fail nation g rated - 8133987328
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bad idea diet coke mentos funny Video - 52103937

Diet Coke and Mentos in Your Mouth = Human Valcano

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This Would be a High Crime in Some Countries

lady bits bad idea prank sexy times fail nation - 8333142016
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FAIL bad idea jousting Video - 240135

Thanks to These Knuckleheads, We Now Know Hoverboard Jousting is About as Good of an Idea as it Sounds

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Criminally Dumb Criminal chainsaw bad idea Video fail nation - 66153985

Pro Tip #1 for Stealing a Chainsaw: Don't Stuff it in Your Shorts

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explosion bad idea compilation boom Video - 70100993

Dangerous, Explosive Fails!

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If You Want to See Your Barista Rage Out (or Give Yourself a Heart Attack) Then Please Order This Drink

bad idea coffee Starbucks twitter fail nation - 8203677696

The Hard Hat and Tool Belt Says He's a Professional

bad idea construction dangerous - 8381568768
By beernbiccies
bad idea cars crash Video - 69692929

Places You Shouldn't Do Donuts: 1. A Crowded Parking Lot

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A Little Mercury Will Hit the Spot!

bad idea food science - 8168506112
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whoops bad idea lamp vine Video fail nation - 66151681

Kevin is the Kind of Kid With Zero Regard for Authority, or Good Ideas

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