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Putting a Lot of Trust in Your Stream Integrity

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bad idea facepalm wedding dress Video - 71092993

Brides Are Starting a New Trend of "Trashing the Dress." Pro Tip: Don't "Trash the Dress" by Jumping Off a Boat

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Funny and stupid life pro tips | bad boy @badboychadhoy my credit score is low but 's because want protect myself identity theft. no one can take out mortgage my name if can't even take out mortgage my name.

Really Bad Life Pro Tips to Not Do

There are better ideas.
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Construction on the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium Features the Most Dangerous Portapotty in the World

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bad idea cars dangerous Video - 66111233

It's Terrible for Your Car, but it Saves Gas!

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ouch guitar bad idea Video - 68058113

Classic: Don't Worry, He's Totally Okay. Except For the Broken Guitar. And Face.

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Nobody Told You About the Guard Bear?

bad idea bear special delivery twitter g rated fail nation - 8329498112
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bad idea motorcycle Video - 71654657

Way to Make All Motorcycle Drivers Look Like Jerks!

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The Hard Hat and Tool Belt Says He's a Professional

bad idea construction dangerous - 8381568768
By beernbiccies
bad idea drones Video fail nation g rated - 67556865

Flying a Drone Over LA's Skid Row, Probably Not the Best Idea

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Nobody Told Him How These Machines Work

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On-Air Blooper dogs pets bad idea fail nation - 65843713

And Now, for the Weather, Here's an Excited Dog

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bad idea bathroom Video - 58174977

Gymnasts Always Gotta Be Fancy, Even in the Bathroom

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This Would be a High Crime in Some Countries

lady bits bad idea prank sexy times fail nation - 8333142016
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Another Real-Life GTA Scenario: Punching Cars and Getting Busted

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That Moment You Realize Mistakes Happened

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