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Whole Foods Is Suing the Man Who Claimed They Sold Him a Cake Decorated With a Homophobic Slur

lgbtq cake whole foods Whole Foods Is Suing the Man Who Claimed They Sold Him a Cake Decorated With a Homophobic Slur
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Something Tells Me This Won't Help Your Potassium Problem

sign pepper food fruit g rated fail nation - 8202702592
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You Can Get Ranch at This Pizzeria, but It'll Come at a Price

food business sign pizza - 8124325120
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This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

door FAIL construction concrete - 8757184000

When Your Competitive Nature Blows Up in the Your Face

russia snow cars winter Video fail nation g rated - 66949377

You Don't Need All the Wheels to Drive in the Snow in Russia

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Just Wash Your Hands After You Introduce Yourself to Him

accidental sexy shirt - 8081266176

Probably Bad News: Obi Wan Kenobi Arrested!

california Probably bad News star wars - 6188039936
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Promises in the Tech World Are Hard to Keep

computers nostalgia technology funny monday thru friday g rated - 7463730176
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The Fun Police Has Arrived

sign facepalm what 4th of july fail nation g rated - 7607923200
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Two for One FAIL

gifs sports catch football fail nation g rated - 6727730176

Wear it Loud and Proud

news lady bits bewbs football - 7318545920
Petty woman paints fence in news story

Woman's Fence Dispute is Amazingly Petty

That's called committing to the bit.
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funny dating fails

When Drama is a Wrong Text, Take it to a Supernatural Place

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people that are excellent examples of working smarter instead of working harder

24 People That Are Working Smarter, Not Harder

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crash ouch skateboarding Video - 35725569

Human Shield FAIL

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