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Classic: Time to Cool Off From This Argument

whoops pool Perfect Timing - 8251341056
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news FAIL prison Video - 71897345

Watch This Guy in the Background Casually Deliver Something Into a Prison on Live TV

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Music FAIL stairs Video - 785156

Winter Wonderlands Can Become Hilarious and Brutal Slip 'N Slides

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Collection of dark-humored weird pictures that'll make you wonder what is wrong with people.

10 Pictures That'll Make You Wonder Where It All Went Wrong With the Internet

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irony outlet product fail - 5584726784
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When You Have More Booze Than Table to Lean on

gifs drunk pool - 8307789056
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It's All in the Details

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news sheep bbc Video - 72416257

Button the Sheep Is Literally Pissing off This BBC Reporter

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FAIL injury Video - 82920961

Do Not Arm Wrestle Larry the Cable Guy, Unless You're Ready to Lose Your Arm

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funny work memes | job is pointless but still need money fish mopping the ocean floor | after long day pretending like people sleepy and tired Judy Jetson putting on a fresh mask of her face

Work Memes to Slow Down Productivity

It'll get done eventually.
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Emergency Preparedness FAIL

emergency hand sanitizer fire extinguisher - 6636308480
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Sweet Dunks FAIL

gifs dunk ouch right in the crotch sports basketball - 6685411584
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The Whole Thing?!

FAIL butts label classic - 8817496832
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only in russia whoops dash cam Video - 60229633

Classic: This Russian Car Just Wanted to Give You a Little Nose Boop!

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Naming FAIL

fail nation g rated park sign - 6082714368
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All the Great Taste, None of the Energy!

energy drink wait a minute fail nation g rated - 7094508800
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