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Familiar Looking Logo FAIL

goatse product fail Professional At Work - 5789187584
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Presenting the Darwin Awards on Video!

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Sunday Morning Chores

beer FAIL classic - 8765611520
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When Traffic Rules Do Not Apply, But Physics Still Do

funny fail gif classic motorcycle cross traffic fail
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Who's Looking for a New Pet?

thanksgiving Turkey funny newspaper - 7926183168
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Half of Art is Stealing, Right?

caught photography FAIL stealing - 8543649792
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British Airways Chose the Worst Time for This Ad

airplane advertisement whoops fail nation - 8124562688
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They're Moving Back to "Cap Classic" Now

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Don't Worry, Nobody Will Notice

sign Walmart fail nation g rated - 8197346048
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Pulling Over FAIL

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school FAIL fight bullying Video - 80350209

School Bullies Might Want to Make Sure Their Target Hasn't Started MMA Classes

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ouch On-Air Blooper sports baseball Video - 71030529

An MLB Analyst Slams His Co-Host With a Direct Home Run Hit. Walk it Off?

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Used Goods FAIL

grammar innuendo kids pedobear signs typo - 5979572480
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China cars Grand Theft Auto Video police - 69313537

Grand Theft Auto: Awkward in Beijing Edition

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Oh ... I get it now

funny cat memes lol funny cats meow Cats cat memes - 9339476480
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