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Rooting For These Bears Should Make You Feel Creepy

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Going Through a Revolving Door Spinning As Fast As Possible, What Could Go Wrong?

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Made in China FAIL

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But Like, Think of How BLACK it is. Really.

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Time to Peel Out!

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Outrage of the Day: Zendaya Calls Out Magazine for Retouching Her Photos and Posts the Original Picture

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Body Mod of the Day: Guy Cuts Off Nose to Look Like Red Skull

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Someone Doesn't Quite Have Their Ice Legs

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Harassing a Minimum Wage Employee FAIL

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A Day at the Beach Goes South

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Fun With Exercise Balls

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Probably Bad News: Protect The Children!

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Quality Service FAIL

sign haircut seems legit - 6838384384

Navigation FAIL

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Feelin' High and Mighty

funny social media image motivation and confidence
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Having Drug Test Problems?

prosthetic penises fake urine drug test
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