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Theft-Proof Garage FAIL

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By Cosmo Jones
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One Mom With Only One Response to Hearing Nicki Minaj For the First Time

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Some People Have Faith in Their NCAA Teams. Others Have Faith AND Want to Carve That Into Their Skin.

Via WLKYMarissa

Posing Location FAIL

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By Unknown
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Needless to Say, It Wasn't a Good Day for a Game

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water bottle accidental creepy fail nation g rated - 8017432832
Via Reddit
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More of the Best Game Show Answers Ever!

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Sounds Like a Challenge!

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By acecookie
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Girl Gets Her Hair Ripped out as She Eats Corn off of a Drill

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Ad Sensitivity FAIL

Ad blind juxtaposition youtube - 5783678464
By Jef

Hold on Tight!

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By Unknown
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Out of the Ditch and Into the... You'll See

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Try 18

Funny meme about how breaking a mirror causes bad luck, principal skinner saying pathetic, what about condoms
ouch wedding Video fail nation - 65748737

You May Kiss the Bride, and Now You May Drop the Bride

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Everyone Loses FAIL

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Grandpa Was Told the Computer Was Frozen, so Here's His Solution

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