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frozen Video wardrobe malfunction - 61906433

Idina Menzel (or as Some Would Say, Adela Dazeem) Let's a Little too Much Go in a Live Performance

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poop FAIL driving girls crash Video - 74765569

Watch Until the End To See Why These Girls Were in Such a Rush

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star wars Video - 77568257

Undercover Boss Visits Starkiller Base

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Driving: You're Doing It Wrong FAIL

car wrong way - 6185815552
By toobies

The Prof is Keeping Up With Current Events, it Seems

sexy times google search - 8323518208
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The Rest of Us Just Have Bad Posture FAIL

church signs gender bender innuendo religion - 5445470720
By Unknown

Classic: Bonus Points for the Flip

ouch bicycle gifs bike fail nation - 8130138624

What Did You Expect to Happen?

ouch gif escalator temporarily stairs - 7361293568
By Unknown

You Tried

cake failbook facebook - 8817779200
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animals facebook p33n parenting vacation Video monkey penis safari - 163847

That Moment When Your Family Vacation is Going to Include a Talk About the Birds & the Bees

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Invisible Car Crash FAIL

car crash fail nation g rated walk it off - 6122614272
By Unknown

Following Directions FAIL

sign Hiking directions camping - 6762180096
By Unknown

Some Vegetables Need Instructions FAIL

common sense pizza Professional At Work warning - 5477829120
By Chuckie
FAIL drones Video - 84344833

YouTuber Turned Sellout Shows Off the World's Largest Homemade Drone

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Going Green FAIL

Cheezburger Image 6180739072
By Unknown

Shockingly Those Hot Women Online Ready to Chat with You Can't be Trusted, and One Town in Maine's Police Department is Having to Burst a Lot of Men's Bubbles That it's a Scam

funny facebook fail Maine town police give sexy cam girl scam tips to guys
Via @Bangor Maine Police Department