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Girlfriend gets fed up with boyfriend's incessant gaming | AITA telling my BF if he doesnt go work, hes no longer using ANYTHING mine (including my car AND wifi Not hole 28f/29m been together like 4 years think love this guy death but say he is lazy is seriously huge fucking understatement and doesnt even shed an ounce light on actual problem. Hes also gaming junkie-like worst their kind example game is being released, he waits up until midnight purchase game (no matter expensive) and will binge

Girlfriend Gets Fed Up With Boyfriend's Gaming, Cuts Him Off

Homeboy's gotta get a job.
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What It Feels Like Trying to Get Your Life Together All At Once

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Running on Alcohol FAIL

alcohol food juxtaposition signs - 5515066368
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Probably Bad News: My Way or... Oh. Prison.

Probably bad News stupid criminals wtf - 5887387648
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Food of the Day: Little Caesars Unveils New Pizza Wrapped in 3.5 Feet of Bacon

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Did Patriots Really Mean to Kickoff in Overtime?

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mother nature ftw seal facebook mondays Video - 134919

Mondays Are This Orca and We Are All The Seal

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These Folks Didn't Finish Their High School Reading List

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That Was the Intention, Yes

sign not what it sounds like accidental sexy church - 6992297472
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He Will Have a 6-Pack Neck Soon Though, Right?

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conspiracy what Video fail nation - 66072833

Your Daily Dose of Crazy is This Preacher Convinced That Starbucks is Turning You Gay With Man-Juice-Infused Beans

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Ghost Ride the Garbage

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First My Socks, Now My Dinner FAIL

cars fail nation g rated Professional At Work weird wtf - 5504832512
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Super Absorbent FAIL

shoes amazon shopping tampons - 6881424640
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Streets That Are Doing It FAIL

Cheezburger Image 6817992448

That's Between the Androids and Their Makers

books accidental sexy reading is sexy fail nation - 7980592128
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