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The Lamest Collection of "Black Belts" You'll See Today

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Hold On, We're Doing Parkour!

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video of a swimming bat

Swimming Bat is Like a Graceful Trash Bag

Being able to fly wasn't good enough?
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Are Your Employees Really Willing to Go the Extra Mile For the Customers?

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A Picture Worth a Million Words

new show estimates thousands at gay marriage rally image
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Grounded FAIL

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Watch The Door FAIL

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Pizza Made by a Cold-Hearted Machine, Just Like the Old Country!

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Sports FAILure: Pretty Much Everything About Penn State Football Right Now

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Runaway Golf Cart FAIL

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This sandwich has too much kick

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Is This Scratch Ticket Trying to Tell You Something?

accidental sexy not what it looks like - 7114425344
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This Is What It Looks Like When Someone Wins $3.5 Million on a Single Roulette Spin

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Wild Drones Are Now an Occupational Hazard for Rappers

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Walmart Packaging FAIL

knock off packaging chess store - 6736445952
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This is the Jump that Cost American Shaun White the Gold Medal

ouch sports gifs Sochi 2014 snowboarding - 8055810816

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