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Regular Scooters Are More of a "1997 So-Cal" Thing

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Things Go a Little too Far in This Crazy Killer Clown Prank

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Rabbit's Going to do What a Rabbit's Going to Do

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Police Lend A Helping Hand

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Wait, No, Not Like That!

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Climbing the Attractions FAIL

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Confirmed: That's a Durable Board

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Engagement of the Day: Love Capsizes Boat, Almost Drowning 19 People

A rowboat capsized after a man proposed to his girlfriend.
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FAIL security camera Video robbery dildont - 333575

This Robber Went to Rob a Sex Shop and He Definitely Got Shafted

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Ostrich Dance FAIL

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Perfectly Accessible, Except for That One Part

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The Ultimate Parking Revenge

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What About Driving?

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I'm More Concerned About the First Word, Honestly

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2 for 1 Special FAIL

Death Professional At Work wtf - 5874584576
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Who's Your Daddy

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