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Store Sale FAIL

business categoryimage racism sale sign store - 6629924864
Created by Unknown

Playing a Game of Recycling Chicken With Your Bachelor Roommates

gross funny - 7769542912
Created by Unknown

Knowing Your Fruits FAIL

bananas fruit sign store - 6218163200
Via No Way Girl
AITA for outing girl online as having STD

Guy Asks Internet If He's Wrong For Outing Girl's STD On Facebook After She Didn't Disclose It To Him

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cat memes of dumb kittehs

28 Dumb Cat Memes For The Crazy Cat People

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Going Green FAIL

Cheezburger Image 6180739072
Created by Unknown

Mutated Bread FAIL

gross freezer bread food - 6709410816
Via Reddit

Scraping the Roof FAIL

gifs roof whoops snow animated - 6750156544
Created by Unknown
Canada FAIL funny Video - 175366

No Video Will Ever Be More Canadian Than This Moose Licking Salt off a Canadian's Snowy Car

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fight ridiculous Video - 85115137

'Cash Me Ousside' Girl And Her Mom Start Up A Brawl On A Plane, and This Video Is Just Ridiculous

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That Will Buff Out, No Worries

douchebag parkers gifs cars parking fail nation g rated - 8363343360
Via Epileptic_Ebola

Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

funny fail image shameless facebook family drama long
Via DglLy

Your Birthday Present is Pure Disappointment!

Via Senor GIF

Helping The Handicapped FAIL

bathroom common sense handicapped toilet - 5477226752
Created by steveluyten

What Sort of Fire Does That Put Out?

headline accidental sexy fail nation - 8289927168
Created by Myke
cars fail nation g rated parking Video womenamirite - 36657665

Parking Your Smart Car FAIL

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