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hilarious scottish people tweets that will make you smile wee bit

27 Spicy Scottish Tweets To Confuse And Amuse You

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Text message conversation about a vegan who gets angry at a non-vegan for liking tofu

Crazy Vegan Accuses Meat-Eater Of 'Cultural Appropriation' For Liking Tofu

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Tastes Great, Less Waiting

beer wedding - 8105359104
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Swimming is Made Safer With the Buddy System

alligator oh god why - 8211448576
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batman Video - 72956161

Can Sidekicks Collect Unemployment? Ask Robin

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Probably Bad News: Good Plan

airplane news plane Probably bad News - 6613820416
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Did We Get a New President?

school wrong barack obama politics - 8322600960
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Video fail nation - 64262401

A Russian Man Barely Escapes From His Garage Before a Tornado Runs Through

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Askreddit thread about shady and sketchy secrets from various professions | hopefulcynicx 9h markup on glasses (specifically frames) is stupid ridiculous can buy frame 4, then turn around sell 160. Lenses too lenses cost us under $10 can easily be marked up 100 mean business is business but taking advantage people who can't see is sorta shitty lol Reply 950

32 People Share Shady Secrets From Their Industries

People will do anything for money.
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ouch hilarious FAIL TV Video - 81846273

He Used to Be on America's Got Talent, But Then He Took an Flaming Arrow to the Chest

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Happy New Year From the Future!

whoops new years store display - 8405395712
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sports vine baseball boobs bewbs - 72926465

Watch the Smooth Operator Jeff Bagwell Grab His Girlfriend's Boob During Astros Game

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Safety First, of Course!

bad idea helmet fire dangerous - 8371468544
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Criminally Dumb Criminal Grand Theft Auto Video thief - 64816129

This Guy Pulled a Carjacking at a Valet and it Looks Straight Out of GTA

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Disney memes that are appropriate for adults | thumbnail includes two memes Text - When you finally get a night out but have no idea what adults do for you fun anymore or how to dress. Marry Poppins | can relate Alice she just keeps randomly eating and drinking everything she sees with hope might actually solve all her problems Alice in Wonderland

Disney Memes Only Appropriate For Adults

If Disney was for adults...
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Lazy Rider FAIL

lazy fail nation cars driving motorcycle dangerous Hall of Fame best of week - 6739890432
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