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Wording FAIL

pun innuendo double entendre Probably bad News - 6678519552
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Beef compilation ouch Video whiff whoops - 42087169

FAILs All Around!

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ouch wedding Video fail nation - 65748737

You May Kiss the Bride, and Now You May Drop the Bride

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Video youre-doing-it-wrong fail nation - 61912577

Going Up the Down Escalator, AKA: Thursday in a Nutshell

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A Regular Green Thumb

cactus plant on pole above garden
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This Looks Wonky, But Just Keep Unloading it!

funny fail gif unloading pallet crashes
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A Warning, and Free Fashion Advice!

sign fashion Criminally Dumb Criminal - 8087101184
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Making it Better For The Rest of Us FAIL

irony Professional At Work signs wtf - 5794602496
Created by Chelsea

Musical Chairs is Serious Business

ouch gifs - 8278871808
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destruction iphone - 84481793

Fix of the Day: Don’t Drop Your iPhone in Lava Like These Guys, Unless You Want to See Something Cool

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Entitled streamer wants free music for exposure | My rate is 50$ per minute completed music. Is alright? Here is my full commission info if want take look. 3:12 PM 50$ is too much. Im going be big streamer so should get an exposure discount since thousands will hear music. 3:16 PM Can have link twitch (or whatever site dont really work free anymore, sorry. My rates are already pretty low considering time investment, but maybe can work out some small discount if

Entitled Streamer Demands Music for Exposure, Gets Nothing

Great business strategy, dude.
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Salty Company Name FAIL

innuendo Professional At Work url - 5601513472
See all captions Created by Unknown

Never Start a Fire on Top of a Car While Attempting to Do The Harlem Shake

yikes FAIL gifs harlem shake funny - 7459913216
Created by Unknown

Driving is Really Hard, You Guys

cars driving derp - 7151401216
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drugs FAIL driving Video holidays police - 76432385

Snow Season is Officially Open in This 73-Year Old's Nose

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The Failed Lambeau Leap

football gifs nfl sports g rated fail nation - 7990584576
Created by Unknown

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