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The Morning Commute for These People Will Blow You Away

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Would You Open?

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Times that people were total mad lads online | Chronic Insomniac @HoneyCinnamon_ My uncle just sent message family group asking money privately messaged him asking banking details so can deposit He responded saying he doesn't actually need money. He asked money so nobody family would ask him money | lan Sausage @stephenjmolloy 3S @NatGeo Can please follow back so can DM got some new research is going blow mind! Following National Geographic O @NatGeo Follows Ducks don't actually

Mad Lads That Are Agents Of Pure Chaos

Mad lads have no time for silly rules.
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He's Only in Elementary School, but He Flops Like the Pro Ballers

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Nuclear Engineers Need This Kind of Assistance

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Anonymous Note Tries to Shame Woman For Literally Air-Drying Her Clean Laundry

funny fail image woman gets note about drying her underwear on clothes line near school
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RIP Tupac... Wait, What?

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Using the Microwave FAIL

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Kite Surfing With This Guy is Like Doing the Most Incredible Pull Up

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Having a Bad Day? Maybe Not as Bad of a Day as This Guy's.

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Comfy FAIL

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Never Want to Enjoy Winnie the Pooh Again? Check Out These Face Masks

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From Downtown!

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In One Picture, the Whitest and Most Awkward Moment of "Jeopardy!" Ever

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Time to Find an Alternate Route

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Criminally Dumb Criminal whoops phone Video fail nation - 64887297

This Numbskull Really Thought He Could Sell Back the Phone He Stole From the Owner

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