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christmas charity Video - 177926

Heroic Dude Recreates Uncle Eddie Scene From Christmas Vacation, All For a Charitable Cause

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Don't Forget to Turn on Your Splash

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Delivery is Going to Take a While

FAIL dominos - 8818688512
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Text message conversation about a vegan who gets angry at a non-vegan for liking tofu

Crazy Vegan Accuses Meat-Eater Of 'Cultural Appropriation' For Liking Tofu

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Videobomb FAIL

gifs news reporter - 6105160960
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Man misunderstands his girlfriend and ends up breaking up with her for no reason | r/tifu u/ManicSheep TIFU by temporarily breaking up with my Dutch Girlfriend after declaring my love M This happened about 7 years ago am South African and dating Dutch girl at time those who don't know my home language (Afrikaans) and Dutch are pretty similar. Linguistically speaking have about 70% overlap vocabulary (words) however meaning same word both languages sometimes mean

Language Misunderstanding Results In Accidental Breakup

Oh that must've been quite the sobering phone call.
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Not-So Smart Car

smart car what Subway - 6977749760
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bathroom cooking FAIL kids parenting Video pizza - 75362817

Jamie Oliver Just Wanted to Make Pizza With His Kids, But He Son Had Other Priorities

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emergency FAIL cartoons Video - 82025217

No One is Surprised About This Kid's Side Affect After Playing with a Doggie Chew Toy Lands Him in the Emergency Room

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whoops cars crash Video - 58837249

We're Not Sure What the Clearance is On This Overpass, but This Truck is Definitely a Half Foot Taller

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news IRL fire spider - 6778827776
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Photo Op of the Day: A Reporter's Instagram Self Reveals a Near-Death Experience

ouch fail nation phone baseball selfie - 7400830464
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so close Close Enough funny Nailed It fail nation g rated - 80133

These FAILs Aren't Quite Perfect, But Close Enough

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physics Video sports video games hockey derp - 42406145

Physics Engine FAIL

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Employee decides to play their aces after being confronted by their company | r/MaliciousCompliance u/technos All getting is half hour, tops. L Years ago one my employer's clients decided set up new office Fort Wayne, Indiana, and got chosen spend three weeks there getting new space set up. Also chosen job guy another division's Chicago office, Dave.

Employee Plays Their Aces When Confronted By Company

Dave ended up being a gem.
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hurdles ouch track Video - 36338177

Three out of Ten FAIL

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