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20 Hilarious Web Comics from Poorly Drawn Lines That Will Make You Fall in Love With Their Work

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Using Your GPS FAIL

cars gps jesus religion - 5854334464
Created by Unknown
news compilation funny Video - 50758657

FAILure in the News!

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I'm Feeling This Showcase Showdown, Bruh

420 drugs game show the price is right - 8421301760
Via Brown Cardigan

Free Advert For This Guy

FAIL newspaper - 8522643712
Created by Unknown

Fun Fiesta Time FAIL

ouch Party pinata right in the face - 6527806976
Created by Unknown

Gotta Keep That One on the High Shelf, Away From the Kids

cars what weird parking - 6981962752
Created by Unknown

It's Full of Surprises, and Failure!

cake baking expectations vs reality Nailed It - 8124320000
Via Pinterest Fail
ouch cars compilation Video fail nation - 65843969

The Best Fails of October!

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thanksgiving millennials technology parenting Video holidays - 83753985

The Holidays are for "Quality Family Time," Right Baby Boomers?

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Expecto Umbrellum!

Via 32lpr4

Probably Bad News: Not His Best Friend!

Probably bad News wtf - 5711143424
Via Arbroath

Discount FAIL

car - 6273395200
Via NikNaks Blog

Secret Advertising for Window Cleaner?

ouch gifs glasses fail nation g rated - 8380274944
Via Brown Cardigan
Video football sports - 43035393

Touchdown High-Five FAIL

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butts news what Video - 56811009

Butt Slapping is Apparently a Real Thing That Kids These Days Are Doing

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