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Riding the Subway FAIL

Subway - 6205906944
By Unknown

Free Bike FAIL

for sale OC seal signs typo - 5946304256
By BamBamBam

Engrish Funny: Give Everything You Have

engrish engrish funny garbage sign trash - 6602884608
Via Reddit

Time to Water FAIL

plant SpongeBob SquarePants water - 6596673536
By Unknown

Guess There's a Power Outage?

sign outlet irony g rated fail nation - 8094935808
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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

moped driving special delivery dangerous funny - 7652137728
By Unknown
Video sports accident vertigo whoops skydiving - 43305729

Stunt Gone Awry FAIL

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Teeter Totter FAIL

face plant girls playground - 6205923328
By Unknown

Walmart Packaging FAIL

knock off packaging chess store - 6736445952
By Tom L

Breaking it Down FAIL

ouch dancing gif floor - 7139160576
By Unknown

The Lion, The Witch and the FAIL

trash trash can search - 6628337920
By Toucan66 (Via Telegraph)
accidental sexy oh god why Video fail nation - 62137601

Somebody Stop and Tell Nickelodeon What "Rule 34" Means

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Probably Bad News: What Was The Cause?

Death fail nation g rated homeless juxtaposition news Probably bad News wtf - 5709370624
By sansoucie
story about a guest getting kicked out of a hotel

Banned Hotel Guest Shares Epic Story About Getting Kicked Out

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marriage crash drones Video - 71807489

Hopefully Their Marriage Lasts Longer than This Drone Does

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wedding genius funny Video fail nation - 53560065

How Not to Throw Confetti in One Easy Video

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