I Can Haz Implopment?

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We've All Had Bad Days, Right?

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A knowledgable boss is underestimated and proceeds to win tech support. | r/talesfromtechsupport u/syninthecity 17h sometimes need stroke 1 2 4 1 3 1 1 day my boss won Tech Support. Medium mostly lurk, but this..this boys, girls and enbie friends this story had be told. Some minor context do software support thing 's used by essentially everyone may go call with mom and pop running everything on an underpowered ancient SBS 11 multinational running ten thousand server instances their own cloud

Knowledgable Boss Is Underestimated, Proceeds To Win Tech Support

Some bosses are actually pretty good at their jobs.
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Employee maliciously complies with free donut day and bully coworkers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grillbuster5 11 hours ago is MY day buy donuts entire office as new person Well OK oc M As new person" at my job told multiple times expected provide donuts entire office. Normally s not big deal but two people particular were rude and relentless about donuts all week. Others joined also. Apparently, these people recently extorted two boxes Krispy Kremes someone else.

New Employee is Not Having Free Donut Day

Line in the sand.
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Have a Nice Weekend

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We Lost Another One to Anime

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When Airing Your Grievances Goes Wrong

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Funny memes and tweets, marie kondo, hanson.

35 Quality Tweets That'll Provide The Perfect Distraction

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A Nice, Warm Cup of "Stop Vaguebooking"

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Aim For The Sky

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The Portable Liquor Cabinet

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Summer of Fun

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bad airline manager fires employee and tries to make them work | Posted by u/geddes_thesea 1 day ago 52 37 E10 Next week going fire oc M Worked shitty airline company. Let's just make up name United Blairlines. At this company they started smaller company could hire and train people run planes, but pay them way less at certain airports. Where my colleagues at other airports were making over $20/hr getting paid $10.25 same- and sometimes more- work honestly would scare know little people who are

Incompetent Manager Tries To Make Employee Work After Firing Them

Fantastic idea, sir.
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Fired and Pwned

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Just a Regular Day at the Office

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