The Boss Would Never Buy It

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By Ivona

There Isn't Enough Ice in the World to Cool Down from This Burn

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Via thedude213

You Used Cats for Evil? NEVER Use Cats for Evil.

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Via ac3inspac3

How Did People Slack Off Before FB?

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By Ashlee
People share stories of their worst summer jobs.

14 People Share Gruesome Stories of Their Worst Summer Jobs

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"Do What You Love, Make Love to What You Do"

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By Tunal

That Time of Year Already?

monday thru friday work back to school g rated - 8280685568
By kriseverett

Coming Up the Corporate Ladder

auto correct typo work - 6108492544
By Unknown

S Before W, Except on Facebook

work dictionary success failbook - 7724748032
By User

Dreams of Control and Domination... in Your Employment

yik yak work 50 shades of grey true facts failbook g rated - 8383386112
Via tpolisher

So That's Why I Ate Radioactive Charcoal for Breakfast

apocalypse work - 6309073152
By Unknown

Eighteen Minutes, That's a New Record!

drinking drunk work - 6407897856
By Unknown


bosses work - 3239282176
By acehouston

A Nice, Warm Cup of "Stop Vaguebooking"

fishing drama vaguebook work - 8445169920
By joe

That's the Important Part of the Protests

cops Protest work - 8395414272

Now Hiring!

abortion work zing politics - 8465292032
By Unknown
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