Coming Up the Corporate Ladder

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You Used Cats for Evil? NEVER Use Cats for Evil.

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People share stories of their worst summer jobs.

14 People Share Gruesome Stories of Their Worst Summer Jobs

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Give This Boss Some Credit for Honesty

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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retail fail

Reading These Amazingly Dumb Customer Requests Might Just Give You Retail Rage PTSD

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Now Hiring!

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A knowledgable boss is underestimated and proceeds to win tech support. | r/talesfromtechsupport u/syninthecity 17h sometimes need stroke 1 2 4 1 3 1 1 day my boss won Tech Support. Medium mostly lurk, but this..this boys, girls and enbie friends this story had be told. Some minor context do software support thing 's used by essentially everyone may go call with mom and pop running everything on an underpowered ancient SBS 11 multinational running ten thousand server instances their own cloud

Knowledgable Boss Is Underestimated, Proceeds To Win Tech Support

Some bosses are actually pretty good at their jobs.
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Just Don't Mess Up, Okay?

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None Whatsoever

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You Might Want to Look Into These Employees...

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Just Start With Your ATM and PIN, That Should Get Their Attention

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Hope That Nap Was Worth It

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What Did You Expect to Hear?

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Working Hard Before Working Hard

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