rich owner's son told truth that he doesn't own the business | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/senoramoncada AITA telling my friend he is basically an employee his dad and not business owner like he says he is? Not hole My friend J comes wealthy family as his dad owns several successful businesses. He's not snob, but recently he's become bit preachy about s better be an entrepreneur than an employee talked about several times before been working financial company 9 years

Owner's Son Hears the Truth about His Own Ambition

Your dad's business isn't your business.
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Story of Karen Customer who claims to know CEO, tech support calls her bluff

Karen Says She Knows CEO, Tech Support Calls Her Bluff

Not a great strategy, Karen.
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In the Company of Ghosts

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Created by Unknown

There's No More Cuddly Way to Sleep

work twitter nap - 8354348800
Via Acid Cow

So That's Why I Ate Radioactive Charcoal for Breakfast

apocalypse work - 6309073152

Just Start With Your ATM and PIN, That Should Get Their Attention

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money no thank you prostitution TMI work - 4389000704
not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

Looks good enough.
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C'mon, Man... You Know You Want To...

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retail fail

Reading These Amazingly Dumb Customer Requests Might Just Give You Retail Rage PTSD

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Employee maliciously complies with free donut day and bully coworkers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grillbuster5 11 hours ago is MY day buy donuts entire office as new person Well OK oc M As new person" at my job told multiple times expected provide donuts entire office. Normally s not big deal but two people particular were rude and relentless about donuts all week. Others joined also. Apparently, these people recently extorted two boxes Krispy Kremes someone else.

New Employee is Not Having Free Donut Day

Line in the sand.
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Presenting the People Who Decide Whether or Not You're Getting a Job

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Life Balance Achieved

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Created by minstrel3000
Funny random memes.

27 Dumb Memes For The Greater Good

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Pull on a Hoodie and Rap Along to an Unemployed Man's Genius

funny facebook image Eminem Stan parody lyrics about Unemployment
Via Lewis Kenny

Is it Comfortable in That Bed of Your Own Making?

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