Guy Tells 'Your Mom' Joke to Boss to Get Out of Work and It Ends Up Not Being a Joke

Guy Tells 'Your Mom' Joke to Boss to Get Out of Work and It Ends Up Not Being a Joke

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Well That's Going To Make Any One-on-One Meetings Awkward and Hard(er)

funny dating image new boss is an old tinder match that sent dick pics
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Dreams of Control and Domination... in Your Employment

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What Kind of an Office is This?!

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Stories of times parents obviously did their kid's school projects | Departure_Jaded 689 points 11 hours ago His dad accidentally wrote his own name on paper tortured kid week by calling him by his dad's name. Ah good times.

Times Students' Parents Obviously Did Their Work

Sometimes they failed, too
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Guess Who!

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Just Don't Mess Up, Okay?

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People share stories of their worst summer jobs.

14 People Share Gruesome Stories of Their Worst Summer Jobs

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Use Your Brian

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A collection of the creepiest things that night time workers ever witnessed | Xanghanistan 2d Worked as office cleaner before covid, 11-7am as 1- man team. One stormy ass night on phone while working my connection started fade and out All sudden there is just deafeningly loud shriek coming out my phone and power goes out. Even emergency lights remember looking out window 10th and seeing whole industrial park black. Nights make everything creepy

Freakiest Stuff Night Time Workers Witnessed

Hard pass on the graveyard shifts.
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Give This Boss Some Credit for Honesty

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The Other Side of YOLO

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Pack it Up, There's No Better Way to Get Back at Your Boss

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Fail of the Day: Teen Fired From New Job After Tweeting That She Didn’t Want To Go

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What Did You Expect to Hear?

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