Aim For The Sky

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Now Hiring!

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For Some of Us, Facebook IS Work...

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S Before W, Except on Facebook

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I Want to Hear One Boss Say That All Employees Are the Same ...

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Coming Up the Corporate Ladder

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Hope That Nap Was Worth It

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Go Out and Get a Big One!

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Some People Never Really Graduate High School

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Pull on a Hoodie and Rap Along to an Unemployed Man's Genius

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Bob Costas Will Be Replaced By Matt Lauer After Eye Infection Spreads

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A Nice, Warm Cup of "Stop Vaguebooking"

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funny notes from people who quit their jobs | quit today Hey quitting come just don't really like guys no more got new job also so Each job requires 2 week notice. This is extremely unprofessional on part. Good luck eAcH jOb reQu- stfu lucky got text tf | Now this is quit job This Is Drawing Dinosaur is Also MY 2 Weeks Notice

People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style

It's a rare opportunity to be honest.
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Presenting the People Who Decide Whether or Not You're Getting a Job

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Snitches Don't Get 5-Star Passenger Ratings

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