Guess Who!

boss employee snow day work - 6983812864
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He Won't Question You Anymore

Awkward embarrassing sex toys work NSFW - 6073963264

It Takes a True Scumbag to Scam Disability

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Summer of Fun

google job summer work - 6283814144

I Want to Hear One Boss Say That All Employees Are the Same ...

batman the dark knight rises work - 6453377280

Employee of the Month

bored work - 6508257024
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A collection of the creepiest things that night time workers ever witnessed | Xanghanistan 2d Worked as office cleaner before covid, 11-7am as 1- man team. One stormy ass night on phone while working my connection started fade and out All sudden there is just deafeningly loud shriek coming out my phone and power goes out. Even emergency lights remember looking out window 10th and seeing whole industrial park black. Nights make everything creepy

Freakiest Stuff Night Time Workers Witnessed

Hard pass on the graveyard shifts.
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funny tweets

Funny Things Happen To People On Their First Day At Work (Tweets)

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The Portable Liquor Cabinet

alcohol drinking work - 6128067584
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Man tells girlfriend that she doesn't work hard enough for her salary. | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/throwaway862610 1d 2 1 AITA being frustrated my girlfriend doesn't work hard at her job and gets paid nearly twice as much as do? Asshole My girlfriend and both work tech, she's safety validator software, working at consulting firm, and doing network infrastructure support both worked different offices didn't know much about her day day life at work knew she made lot more than 120k my 66k, and she

Man Tells Girlfriend She Doesn't Work Hard Enough For Salary

Definitely not the move, my dude.
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Funny random memes.

27 Dumb Memes For The Greater Good

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If This Part of Your Job is Difficult, You're in Trouble

cleaning work - 8147952384
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Nope, Not Bitter, Not at All!

beach Office vacation work - 8100753408

"Do What You Love, Make Love to What You Do"

wisdom work pr0n true facts - 8113597184
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I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means...

work STD Party STDs - 7544469248
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funny "not my job" failure moments | grey shorts with long sleeves sewn in instead of pockets | street light drilled through a bridge built overhead

"Not My Job" Moments of Unimpressive Professionalism

Yeah, close enough.
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