funny boss pops out glass eye to deal with annoying customer | Posted by u/Winiri 10 hours ago 2 O 6 20 3 20 9 E 12 My Boss Scared Off Rude Customers by Literally Taking Closer Look oc M used work at store, run by woman named Irene. She would buy vintage and high end items, repair them, and then sell them store didn't have multiple sizes things and only bulk items bought were little trinkets and soaps, sometimes jewelry.

Boss Uses Eye Gag to Remove Problem Customers

Now that's some stellar management.
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plz no sexy times fans of teachers wait what work - 3420369920
By Unknown

In the Company of Ghosts

work dinner burn - 8186710016
By Josh
really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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When Airing Your Grievances Goes Wrong

fired whoops job work Overshare - 8502014976
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Guess Who!

boss employee snow day work - 6983812864
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Just Don't Mess Up, Okay?

drama job work spelling failbook - 8464432384
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bosses work - 3239282176
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That Time of Year Already?

monday thru friday work back to school g rated - 8280685568
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For Some of Us, Facebook IS Work...

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Now Hiring!

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Whoa There, Buddy...

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Legal, Blonde, and Ready for the Job

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There Isn't Enough Ice in the World to Cool Down from This Burn

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Hide and Excrete

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Complaining to Corporate on Facebook, Not the Best Idea

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