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Use Multiple Forks for Maximum Efficiency

bad idea tumblr trolling - 8175191296
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Still a Great Source of Vitamins

barack obama puns tumblr failbook g rated - 8167399936
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Run, Pacman!

ghosts pacman tumblr video games win - 5349865984
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Take That, Dad Jokes!

Text - afternoonsnoozebutton dkf-4 Source: alekshdfilms thisgingerischronic alekshdfilms one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat mom jokes> dad jokes 178,144 notes
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Colin Always Was a Little Too Fond of Panda Express

chinese family tumblr - 6507996928

That Poor Cat Just Hates Studying

school tumblr Cats failbook g rated - 8408767232
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Tumblr Thread on the collateral damage the Mythbusters caused | switch-up-snowfox Follow Oh cannonball ain't nothin compared esparto incident. nate2247 Follow now switch-up-snowfox Follow They were testing phrase "knock socks off" and because its mythbusters build team (which consists 3 boom addicted gremlins) they decided go quarry near Esparto california test myth by blowing shit up. This time they got 500 pounds ANFO detonation pretty damn big.

Tumblr Thread: Collateral Damage Caused by Mythbusters

Sometimes things got out of hand.
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Biologists Don't Play Around With the Insults

biology burn puns sign tumblr failbook g rated - 8346815232
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Deep Thoughts. Think About it.

tumblr wrong true facts - 8300043008
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I'll Host(ess) That Snack Cake Any Time

tumblr dude parts accidental sexy juxtaposition - 8385599232
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You Just Don't UNDERSTAND My Bowel Movements, MOM

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Can You Reblog in That "Outside" Place You Talk About?

go outside tumblr failbook - 8194777344
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A collection of totally random and funny moments from the minds of Tumblr.

Totally Random Tumblr Nuggets To Chew On

Eat up.
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Wouldn't Mind Looking Up That Kilt...

butt stuff dude parts juxtaposition scotland tumblr failbook g rated - 8323504384
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Meet the Gun Family

family guns tumblr weird failbook g rated - 8355343872
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A funny Tumblr post about a strange horticultural technique that flattens trees | biggest-gaudiest-patronuses Seguir recently learned about horticultural technique called Espalier s funniest goddamn thing ever seen.

Tumblr Thread: Strange Horticultural Technique Is Terraria IRL

Flat trees are our new favorite trees.
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