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From the Hit Disney Film "Platonic Polygonal Frozen"

tumblr frozen snowman failbook g rated - 8380961536
Via Know Your Meme
Funny pets on Tumblr that might not even be aware of how hilarious they actually are

20 Hilarious Cat Posts On Tumblr

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The Best Dad

parenting tumblr watermelon - 6423260928
Via Ursorum

Too Much TV Makes us Zombies

g rated television tumblr The Walking Dead zombie - 6026021120
Created by Kami

Tumblr Feeds Make Their Own Gold, Sometimes

coincidence juxtaposition tumblr - 8234526720
Via Joanne Casey

The Pale Green Light Shines Over Tumblr

clever books tumblr the great gatsby reading failbook g rated - 8355354112
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tumblr april fools Video - 59734785

Tumblr Announces Tumblr Pro on a Day That is Definitely Not Known for False Announcements

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Still a Great Source of Vitamins

barack obama puns tumblr failbook g rated - 8167399936
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Cute Little Putin Will Never be the Same

Via Acid Cow

We Aren't All Cut Out to be Web-Slingers

tumblr cute kids these days Spider-Man failbook g rated - 8349063168
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Are You Ready, Kids?

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Use Multiple Forks for Maximum Efficiency

bad idea tumblr trolling - 8175191296
Via Zackattackk47
A funny Tumblr post about how nature can end up being very frightening | inconsequential S linesofreturninggeese Follow just-shower-thoughts Follow Building treehouse is biggest insult tree killed friend, here hold him mojave-wasteland-official "Friend" Its more killed potential enemy. Hold his dismembered corpse victory. theun--sj Follow Plants don't wage war

Tumblr Thread: Kudzu Is A Scary Monster Plant

Dang nature, you creepy.
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A quick and funny Tumblr post about common American sayings | themightyglamazon ACCURATE one--all-plus-ultra If they say they're peachy means they're tired existence drneverland If they say "Living dream means "please kill hate my job so, so much."

Quick Tumblr Post On Common American Sayings

Too real.
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Don't Copy That Floppy Fabric!

piracy tumblr poorly dressed failbook - 8056300288
Created by Unknown
A quick and funny Tumblr thread imagines Tolkien and CS Lewis beefing | lesbianrey Follow hi tolkien here are my ocs call them Elves (not elfs if call them elfs will block they look like humans but they're tall, live forever, and have pointy ears s bye katobleps Follow cs lewis: are alright with constructive criticism dont want sound mean tolkien: no go ahead want hear cs lewis: they fucking suck tolkien: thats not constructive criticism 788 51 Comments Like Comment Share lazytechsupport

Quick Tumblr Thread Imagines J.R.R. Tolkien And C.S. Lewis Beefin

And then it actually got real.
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