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The Easy Way to Get Your Real-Life RPG Upgrades

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My Holes Are Only for You

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Ducks Do it Better

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Cannot Unsee

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Gross and funny tumblr fish thread | REI tilthat Follow TIL ocean there exists biotic cleaning stations, where fish will go be serviced by certain species fish and shrimp who remove dead skin and parasites. via bogleech Follow Different fish wait line and even though most marine fish are predators they tend treat station as like peaceful zone

Quick Tumblr Thread on the Impostor Cleaner Fish

One of the many jerks of the sea.
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top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | -blackfoot-contessa Follow Watching commercials first time while, andI am laughing at little 'filmed before covid' disclaimers at bottom ones showing parties and bars and social gatherings garbage-empress Follow [scene at social gathering do not attempt 2,257 notes

Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (August 4, 2020)

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You Almost Don't Have to Read the Words

brain tumblr wizard of oz - 5797649408
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From Russia With Memes

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Can You Reblog in That "Outside" Place You Talk About?

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A quick Tumblr post on kids' various learning struggles | fozmeadows Watching my toddler figure out language is fascinating. Yesterday were stumped he kept insisting there Lego winner" behind his bookshelf turned out be little Lego trophy cup. Not knowing word trophy he'd extrapolated word thing can win And then, just now, he held up his empty milk container and said Mummy s not rubbish s allowed be bottle meaning, effectively want this. Don't throw away But an adult ear, there's something

Quick Tumblr Post On Kids' Language Struggles

A for effort.
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One of the Greatest Burns on Tumblr, in Cake Form

cake tumblr parenting burn failbook g rated - 8320359168
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Funny tumblr posts | paper-mario-wiki u ever think about ur skeleton is always wet cockyhorror wish never had but thanks ruining my life httpdemonics don 't worry! there will come time s not cockyhorror Thanks! Even worse | yungterra Egg Recipe Difficulty: egg Time: egg Ingredients: egg eight whole egg Step one: put eight egg on plate Step two: look at all those egg Step three: congratuleggtion

40 Weird & Funny Tumblr Posts To Spice Up Your Monotonous Life

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Funny Tumblr posts and shitposts that came out funny | darkvioletcloud im going through my skyrim screenshot folder 40 Do want poison delicious quinoa, susan? 459 30 148 Yes No 36 179 90 18 han-j1 Who names their character Susan darkvioletcloud poisoning an enchanted crossbow, which gave nickname so wouldn't accidentally sell name weapon is "delicious quinoa, Susan" | Person - Sponsored 's Hard Meet Our Significant Other Early On LifeHotStories Learn more Imaonade really really try hard avoid po

50 Funny Tumblr Posts That'll Help You Waste Your Time

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Horror at 3:00 AM

horror tumblr deep failbook g rated - 8404539904
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Girls come across unparalleled joy when they're navigating a pumpkin patch | libraford While out on my adventures other day stopped at farmers market get some their exceptional peach cider and group four college age girls all got out an SUV, dressed somewhat identically (white face mask, gray or white top, dark bottoms, uggs) and headed up barn. One them shouted 'PUMPKIN' and pointed one 90lb pumpkins they had out front and all them ran see up close, taking turns with their phones get selfie

Tumblr Thread: Girls Discover Unequaled Joy At Pumpkin Patch

That pumpkin spice can get the people going.
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