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That's Rough

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Try Again Later, Kid!

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It Turns Out There ARE Playgrounds for Adults. With Booze!

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Another Oft-Overlooked Connection Between Introverts and Vampires

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That Explains the Lack of Calls...

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A Dark, Terrifying Pixar Theory From the Bowels of Tumblr

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Who's Your Daddy?

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Sometimes You Just Need That Royal Burger

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A collection of funny and random moments from the minds of Tumblr | RE tilthat TIL Frogs can be hypnotized by laying them on their back and stroking their stomach. Snails can sleep up 3 years and 3 Ice Antarctic glaciers is just Penguin urine. via sirobvious This guy is hogging all facts eliteknightcats no s all connected | laughingsquid HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo Screeching Kazoo Plugs Into an Amplifier moonlandingwasfaked this is proof God exists and loves us

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2. I Like the G1 Ponies Better

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You Can Run, But ...

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Don't Ask How They Fell for it the First Time

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The Pale Green Light Shines Over Tumblr

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Funny Tumblr posts and shitposts that came out funny | darkvioletcloud im going through my skyrim screenshot folder 40 Do want poison delicious quinoa, susan? 459 30 148 Yes No 36 179 90 18 han-j1 Who names their character Susan darkvioletcloud poisoning an enchanted crossbow, which gave nickname so wouldn't accidentally sell name weapon is "delicious quinoa, Susan" | Person - Sponsored 's Hard Meet Our Significant Other Early On LifeHotStories Learn more Imaonade really really try hard avoid po

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In Case You Missed it: The President of the United States Sat Down With the Founder of Tumblr for a Live Q+A Session

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Revolution, the Nature of Power, Revenge...

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