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Aren't We All a Little Low on Toast Sometimes?

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One of the Greatest Burns on Tumblr, in Cake Form

cake tumblr parenting burn failbook g rated - 8320359168
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Wouldn't Mind Looking Up That Kilt...

butt stuff dude parts juxtaposition scotland tumblr failbook g rated - 8323504384
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The Best Dad

parenting tumblr watermelon - 6423260928
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Benjamin Franklin ALWAYS Has His Blinker on and Everything

twitter tumblr parking failbook g rated - 8382565376
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When Douchebags Get Caught in Their Own Lies

drugs tumblr douchebags money - 7803529728

The Anti-Life Hack

tumblr life hacks ice cream DIY failbook - 8249139712
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Baby I Just Want to Show You My CAM Cycle

plants emoji tumblr failbook g rated - 8303382784
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Ducks Do it Better

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Butter it Up!

comments tumblr design toast failbook g rated - 8277698304
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Cannot Unsee

symbols tumblr unsee - 5873858816

Pretty Sure That's EXACTLY Why This Product Was Made

accidental sexy sexy times tumblr failbook - 8329491968
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Don't Ask How They Fell for it the First Time

tumblr gross eggs what - 8437485568
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Robin's Ready to Run the Jewels

bank tumblr puns batman - 8419518464
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A Rare Interview With a Psychotic Supernatural Killer

news tumblr failbook g rated - 8063267328
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