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The Rain in Spain Falls Mostly on the Roof of This House

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Who's Your Daddy?

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Created by cubeastside

The Dangers of Taking Wisdom Literally

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Wholesome helpful neighbor Tumblr story | keuhkopussirotta first doing laundry my new home building spontaneously threw shirt wearing there as well because frankly only do laundry l've run out clean clothes and shirt last had sitting there, shirtless, studying washing machine person whose laundry had been here last came retrieve his own. Casually, trying act like my shirtlessness nothing out ordinary asked him if clothes drying up on line were his. He confused, and realised he not fluent

Tumblr Story: Wholesome Neighbor Is Helpful for No Reason

See, people can be nice to each other.
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30 Quirky Tumblr Posts That'll Get You Laughing

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Employee proves that museum's security needs to be revamped | So my boss once robbed museum prove point and honestly think she is my new role model. flamefriendsshipped If this gets notes l'll tell full story fandomlovingweirdo

Employee Points Out Security Concern, Nobody Listens, Robbery Ensues

Simple as that.
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It's Not a Party Until WiFi Shows Up

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Created by NeilRashbrook

Easy Mistake to Make

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Nice Sweater-Vest, JERK

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A bully snowplow ends up picking a fight with the wrong mailbox | Let's see little punks smash my letterbox now aerylon Folgen This reminds this guy who used live on my dad's street. Every time snowed snow plow would take out his mailbox and only his mail box. And just be clear done intentionally. No one knows why, but driver snow plow would target his box and mow down. He'd call DOT complain, and would get an earful excuses amounted not our fault have wimpy mailbox.

Bully Snowplow Picks Fight With Wrong Mailbox

Should've been a nice snowplow.
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A Tumblr thread explores the world of ambigrams | just-shower-thoughts word "swims" is same upside down bella-likes-nutella-and-acapella smiws eazyintheheezy upside down, not backwards. silly.

Tumblr Thread: The Wild World Of Ambigrams

Ambigrams are fun.
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You Should Know Better

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Cute Little Putin Will Never be the Same

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The Language of Love

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Tumblr Feeds Make Their Own Gold, Sometimes

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When Houses Have Just Had Enough

On-Air Blooper news tumblr fire failbook g rated - 8289261056
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